I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm

I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do that butterflieswhich is mine to do.” As I think about these words of Charles Fillmore, I realize I, and we, need to get the power zeal charged up in us and then direct it with the power of faith to accomplish a few really big items on our check list for this month.  Zeal is the spiritual power of the month, which resides in the cranial ridge, at the base of the skull. Normally when we got a lot of things going on, pressure and tension builds up along that ridge and it can ignite a few explosions in our world.  This month we are focusing on one really big project, that we have been contemplating for some time, replacing our Heat and Air Units which are around 30 years old, and we can no longer find parts to repair them. We also need to consider replacing and/or repairing the roof, which if done at the same time would cost in the neighborhood of $150,000. So, we have decided to focus on one portion of this major project and then see what is left to do.


Moving forward in faith, seeing beyond all appearances, we are holding the vision that when the heat and Air Units are replaced, the roof will be in a wondrous state and be empowered to do its job for a few more years, knowing what is ours to do will be done in the right and perfect time and all the financing will come forth to pay for all expenses.  Which brings us to part two of this really big project we will be working on this month, raising the funds to pay for the expenses.  We are half way there and need to raise another $23,000 to pay for the project. So please hold the vision with us, that all the necessary funds to cover the cost of this project come forth in the right and perfect way at the right and perfect time and we will be all charged up with the energy of zeal and delight so we can leap forth to do what is ours to! Wow.


To reach this goal as is shared, in other parts of the newsletter we are having a fund raising, a lawn and garage sale on October 14th and 15th! So spread the word, and if you have items you would like to donate or like to donate your time, please bring it on over with zeal and enthusiasm and let us know!


This two-part project will require a lot of energy and joy.  Yes, joy and gratitude are perhaps the two most powerful forces in the universe, so directing the energy of faith to engage zeal, on the cranial ridge and connect it with the heart where joy resides, will require purposeful intent. I invite to pause within the moment and purposely direct the faculty of faith in this way, connecting zeal and joy, and just invite the energy of joy to bubble up in you.  See it flowing through every cell of your being.  Say to yourself, I am joy filled, I am joy filled and the joy of zeal is engaged me and I leap forth with a might faith to do what is mine to do with enthusiasm.  Wow, can you feel the energy and wonder flowing stirring and moving in you! Do it again and again as you hold the vision that all we need to do with be done in the right and perfect time and in a joy filled way yeah.


So often, in our pursuit to accomplish a goal or a project in this world of the mortal mind, we often forget about this spiritual faculty, and as a result things often heat up and boil over, if you know what I mean. The Revealing Word, states “Zeal is a power that generates interest, and engages the creative energy of the universe.  Zeal is the inner fire of the soul that urges man onward, regardless of what the intellectual mind of caution and conservation might have to say. Zeal is the mighty force that incites the winds, the tides, the storms; it urges the planet on its course, and spurs the ant to greater exertion.  It is the urge behind all things.” What a powerful thought, zeal is the urge, the inner urge behind all things just go out and get it done, but we have to engage creative spark of the Christ and do it in joy. So please hold the vision with us, to see this two-part project being completed with joy and enthusiasm and all the creative wonder of the universe.


Namaste, I see the Light in you, It’s glowing. RevDocPatrick

ii am filled