Divine Order is this The Fruit of the Tree of Life 4 Sept

Divine Order is the fruit of the Tree of Life we are suppose to sample in September.  Divine Order is not only 1 of the 12 Charkas, or should say a spiritual faculty, but it is as Bryan points on out page 2, a Universal Law.  That’s right Divine Order is a Universal Law that is in operation across the Universe.  Mother Earth rotates around the sun, a journey of 365 days each year, traveling at 66,616 mph. Can you feel the wind blowing in your face? Imagine if there was a motor cycle cop sitting out there in the universe, Mother Earth would get a speeding ticket!  As the Great Mother travels around the sun, it creates the seasons! The moon spins around the Earth creating day and night, and the ocean tides. Mother Earth is always in motion following this Universe Law, setting patterns to be followed across the planet: the seasons, Night and Day, the way food and flowers appear, gravity, the weather and much, much more.


Although I studied all kinds of sciences in high school and college, and spent much time in nature, I really never understood how this Universal Law affected me until I found my way into Unity.  I mean come on now I got two degrees in business, and everyone knows business plans and rules have much more order and foresight than some universal law called Divine Order! When working for Marriott, I learned very quickly the only Order was the way their business was run and you had to do every thing their way and follow their business plan!    Show up on time, follow the business plan and make sure the bottom line was as positive as it could be!  But what happened when “the business plan” didn’t work or things didn’t go as planned? Well, all hell would break lose! 


When I got out of the restaurant industry with all it’s organized business plans and recipes, I found the other business I worked in also had business plans, but they had to be much more fluid, to go with the flow of the economy and their clientele.  We had to learn to set the sails according to the breeze and allow the breeze to guide us, as we adjusted the sails to get us to the intended destination.


When learning about the Unity’s teachings on 12 Powers, and this spiritual faculty called Divine Order, I said oh how crazy is that!  Just look at the world around us and how crazy things are and all the chaos going on; from Severe weather changes, to economic chaos and continual wars!  If God meant there to be Divine Order, She would have stopped all this chaos and violence!


As I explored further, I began to remember my high school studies in Quantum Physics, watching Yoda and the Star Wars Series, then I took the Healing Touch Workshops!  As I blended all these teachings on this Invisible Energy Field that we live, move and have our being in, my “Inner I” opened my Spiritual Faculty of Divine Order. I thought of a quantum law. As a particle (whether it is a grain of sand, a person, or planet) moves through the ethers it creates a ripple in this Field of Energy, which affects the particles around it. Each system in the universe, (whether it is a plant, a person or a solar system) works a certain way, and it works on several different layers.  When a particle hits this system, it will affect that system on every layer of it’s being: it is just Universal Law.  When you speak a word, it affects every layer of your being and everything around you and goes out and collides with other energy fields around you (whether it is a plant, a dog, or a loved one).  This whole concept brings me to a point of awareness, that humankind is a group of people, who has gone out to the edge of the universe and is standing on its shore waiting for a Hugh Universal Wave to break over us.  Did “GOD” do this; make the Universal Wave? No humankind did because it (we) has failed to understand the dynamics of Divine Order. What we as a people need to do is study this Universal Law and understand how it operates.  We need to research how the flows and currents of life are moving then jump into the River of Life adjusting our sails so it will take us to our destinations.  Will you join me in flowing in the River of Life.

Namaste, I see the Light in you, It’s glowing. RevDocPatrick