Birth 2012 + 12 Cocreating a planetary Shift

Birth 2012 + 12

Cocreating a planetary Shift

Wednesday Nights at 7 PM


earthHave you ever thought of having a Birthday Party and inviting the world? Imagine 100 million people awakening to greater reality on December 22nd 2012 and celebrating an ever-expanding field of love, innovation, creativity and collaboration! The famed 26,000-year Mayan Calendar came to an end on December 21st, 2012. Some believed and taught that this foretold the end of time, while we in Unity and the New Thought Movement believed it signals the awakening of the human mind to a greater reality.


Birth 2012 celebration occurred with events around the world celebrating how we would be stepping into a New Awareness of what we believed would be unfolding on planet Earth.  Well, it was a marvelous and well-planned celebration, but everything didn’t occur as we had envisioned it to be. It did for a time, but then our vision of new world evolving hit a wall – a wall called Second Force by some Modern Day Mystics.   The vision stalled for a time, and now some of those Modern Day Mystics, see a new Vision of a Third Force rising up to help make the leap over the wall the Second Force created, so we can move into the awareness of a world co-created for all, as we live in peace, harmony and abundance for all.  Well, it is happening and we are calling this new vision Birth 2012 + 12.  One reason is because it is now 12 years later when all the planets in the galaxy aligned in a straight line across the Galaxy.  And the second insight will be developed by engaging our 12 spiritual Powers! Wow. We will be using Barbara Marx Hubbard book, Birth 2012 as our guide line.   Yep it’s happening now, a hole new awareness developing on planet earth and the way we live will be transformed into a living in awareness of the Spiritual Dimension! Wow! Presented for a Love-Offering

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