Town Hall Envisioning Meeting

Town Hall Envisioning Meeting

Sunday September 19th at 12:45


Visioning is the first step in the creative process.

On this Sunday afternoon we will be holding a Town Hall Envisioning Meeting.

  Many of the unique features of our property and our events calendar have been manifested by this process: the Labyrinth, the stained glass window in our Living Room For the Soul; The New chairs; the new windows, tile floors, the design of our bookstore, kitchen, and Fellowship Hall.  These meetings have been and will be the first step in creating the future of Unity Spiritual Life Center of Oklahoma City.  Please join us in this creative process; you will also have the ability to envision your own life?

What do you envision for your spiritual community?

What role are you willing to fulfill

to help guide us towards our Potential?  

Step boldly into the creative vortex to help form and shape a Spiritual Community that will nurture and draw out what is deep within us al