The Spiritual Faculty of Life#

The Gift of Life

The Disciple: Judas; Color: Red

Location: Regenerative Organs, the Base of the Spine


Life is the faculty of vitality, wholeness, and creativity. It is the expression of the pure eternal life of the Divine moving in and through us. Life is the energy that propels all forms to actions. 

                                                                         Ed Rabel


“Life in man is his increasing consciousness of his inner activities, and the forces and movements in the world about him.  It is his power to express the eternal activity of God.”  Prosperity, Charles Fillmore


The life faculty is the most subtle and most variable of all the powers of man.  It presides over the life of the body.  The pure life of God flows into man's consciousness through the spiritual body idea.  Only those who have come into consciousness of the spiritual body idea can feel this holy stream of life.  Its nature is to vivify with perpetual life all that it touches.  It knows only to give, give unceasingly and eternally, without restraint.  Its source is Spirit, and yet the river of life is within man, in his spiritual consciousness, through the quickening of Spirit, he comes to realize the flow of this Life Force.

                                                Charles Fillmore, Dynamics for Living.


When you feel tired, run down, discouraged than it is the time to call upon the mind power of life within you.  This power to resurrect new energy is not a supernatural one.  In each cell, each atom of your body is “life,” substance and intelligence.  As you speak words of life each cell responds.  You can charge the cells of your body with life because they are receptive and always listening.  If you dwell upon the idea of life, your body takes up this idea and acts upon it, first consciously and then subconsciously.  The idea of life will then work through the cells of your body, generating new energy.       

The Healing Secret of the Ages, Catherine Ponder


Awareness is the Key to Experiencing the Fullness of the Power of Life.

Through the Power of your thoughts and words, you can penetrate and release unlimited energy that is pent up in the atoms of your body, and you will be astounded at the response.  Lifeless functions anywhere in the body can be restored to action by one’s speaking to the intelligence and life within them. When you affirm “LIFE” you stir up and bring into action that tremendous atomic energy in your body.  Indeed, when you affirm the word “LIFE” you are working within an atomic energy that is all powerful, because you are an Atomic being.  When you turn your thinking toward the idea of life, you shall experience a different feeling and a different quality of life.                                                    The Healing Secrets of the Ages, Catherine Ponder



Affirmations For the Faculty of Life 

I am immersed in life, wondrous life; It permeates every cell of my being!

I am being renewed by the healing power of Divine Life; It is flowing in me!

I am charged with the Energy of Life – I am glowing and radiantly alive!