The Power of the Month is Power

The Power of the month is Power (of the Spoke Word)

Disciple: Phillip

Color: Purple

Location: throat, the nerves that control the larynx


If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

                                                            Peace Pilgrim


In the beginning was the word. That spoken vibration of power that energizes everything. The word is also known as the Creative Power. We have this ability with our words. We create a vibration that goes out into the world and creates. Too often we create from a fear standpoint, or with idle words. When we become more deliberate with our words, the more purposeful our world becomes.


We are constantly encouraged to think positive, enriching thoughts. This is more than hopeful thinking. It is far more than painting the world in a new light. It is manifesting the reality you hold deep inside yourself. When we hold positive truths in our hearts and express affirmations, we manifest the truth of our reality. We, essentially, control the outer world through thoughts and ideas. Why else would Patrick admonish us to “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel” negative thoughts? In order to disrupt negative thought patterns and encourage the positive. We add to these affirmations that counteract the negative thought and we create a vacuum for what is good and true and right.


Words are powerful they create a vibration from the mind and send it out into the world. Thoughts are the energy for your words. So a man thinks so is he. But it is so much more than giving yourself affirmations. You must learn to see the positive in the world around you. By manifesting the good through your thoughts and words, you create a new world, a better world.


Even if you didn't have affirmative prayers and positive words, your spirit would inherently desire to reach new heights of being. It is your innate nature reaching beyond your present state into one much higher and more pronounced. I've often said that if I were lost in the woods, stuck in a ditch with my arms and legs broken, the only place I'd have to look is up. So must you. It is your divine nature to see hope. It is only when we are encumbered by the negatives of this world that we lose sight of our divine purpose. It is only when we do not activate our divine nature through the power of our words that we lose sight of that more perfect world.


Think positively. Affirm your true nature. Express divine power through the vibrations of your words. Create the world you want to live in. Simple.

~ by Bryan Carlile ~



Affirmations for directing the power of your words

I am aware of the thoughts and words I speak,

and I Choose wisely.

I am a powerful Creative Spiritual Being; my words have power

I shape and form the Substance of universe; I am powerful.

With Each word I speak I send a vibration out into the universe; I am in alignment with the rhythm of life