New Year's Eve The Burning Bowl Ceremony

The Burning Bowl Ceremony

New Year’s Eve 2023, At 11 Am

Are You Ready for the New Year?

Join for a time of Release and Renewal

Sunday December 31st at 11 Am

This Year’s Burning Bowl Ceremony will be held on Sunday MORNING at 11 Am this Year. The Burning Bowl Ceremony is Unity’s unique way of leaving all that old, worn-out baggage behind, so you can begin the New Year fresh.  Do you have old memories you’d like to release? You know those old resentments, angers, and hurts that you are holding on to in mind; you don’t need them anymore! They prevent God’s goodness from flowing into your life. Through the Burning Bowl Ceremony you can release those bumps, bruises and challenges and enter the New Year without any attachments. Thus, you can embrace your vision for the year to come.