Minister's Letter -God tapping at the door

In Lessons in Truth, one of Unity’s foundational books Emile Cady wrote, “Desire in the heart is always God tapping at the door of your consciousness with Its infinite supply, a supply that is forever useless unless there is a demand for it.  Before you formulate a desire in mind, it is God in you desiring to be felt and expressed.  Before you have an urge to do something or embark upon a project, there is a moving Spirit in you, prompting you in that direction.”

The first time I read this, I could only think, Wow! “Desire in my heart is God tapping at the door of my consciousness with an infinite supply,” well where is it at!  Cause I got all kinds of desires going on! That’s when I had to activate one of her earlier lessons of truth, the power of Spiritual Strength; so, I could just stand in the center of the swirling winds of my mind to think of what could be! There were so many possibilities, actually as Emilie says infinite possibilities.  

After sharing the above thoughts Emilie goes on to explain that “Spirit’s prompting is important for us to recognize because our every heart’s desire for the good we seek has its origination in God.  This prompting of the heart is the will of God seeking to be made manifest.  Because this is true, that which we long for is already ours in Spirit, it simply waits for us to claim and accept.” Living in a world that is the creation of the mortal mind and its very egotistical ways, this is really the hard part. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, living in a materialistic world and have been taught its way.

So, how do we go about understanding Spirit’s prompting, so we don’t confuse it with all those other promptings and desires?  This is actually what The Revelation According to John and one of Jesus teachings are about.  Both indicate you have to write a letter to each of your Seven Churches, and call your disciples, so you will be empowered to look beyond the appearances of the mortal mind’s world, seeing into the realm of Spirit, the realm of light and substance. Only then will we be able to discern the promptings and desires of our heart.  Why, because that is what our “heart” longs to do, connect with the Life Force, to feel the Energy that is God flowing through us; and once we feel the energy of the Divine flowing through us, it will be all we want.  As Emilie said, “It is a natural process of God trying to express Itself in us.”  You see, the desires we have help us to learn and understand this Life Force.  Each desire we have if we are alert and conscious of God’s Life Energy, will teach us the way of Spirit; suddenly we will be aware of the flow of life guiding us.

But one challenge The Revelation According to John points out, is that once we get that calling to start down the path of living in awareness of Spirit Presence, is that the “world” as our mortal mind knows it will fall apart and go into a state of Chaos; or as I often say, all hell will break lose. Since we have been taught and lived by the ways and dictates of the mortal mind, we will feel lost and not know (from our Intellect and worldly studies) which step we need to make.  This is why we need to activate the power of spiritual strength, (the power of the month) so that we can stand at the center of the swirling winds our new way of being will create, and ask Spirit for understanding and guidance.  Just as it says in the opening of Genesis, “When God created the Heavens and Earth a wind swept across the face of the deep (the void) and God said let there be light, and there was light and that was the first day.” This is the first step, empowering us to understand our heart’s desire, God tapping at the door of our consciousness with an Infinite supply. A Supply that is forever useless, unless we claim it and move into awareness of it. But, to do this we must activate Spiritual Strength, the ability to simply stand at the center of those swirling winds and just Be. Do you dare go there?

Namaste I see the light of the Divine in You,