Living The Life You Dreamed of

Living The Life You Dreamed of
Wednesday nights  at 7 pm

dREAM 1There are certain basic principles and concepts that are really essential in living the life you dream of.  Jesus taught them; Siddhartha taught them; Lao Tzu and all the ancient mystics taught them; but they didn’t make it to our day an age. The sooner we learn and incorporate them into our life and way being, the more we will enjoy living right here in the Garden of Eden.  The sooner we learn them, the better life will be, mainly because we will learn not to incorporate all the nonsense of our ego driven minds will inflict upon us.  Unfortunately, because we were not taught about these very empowering ideas and learned many contradictory things, we got some digging to do.  Yeah, I know you learned about the 10 commandments, but those are ideas you need to learn just to survive and make it into adulthood. And experiencing the life you dreamed of takes a lot more knowing and doing than those cave man basics. Would you like to learn about a whole new way of being, so you can live the life your dreamed of? Well join us on Wednesday Nights beginning Sept 14th
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