The “I” of The Storm

spiralThe “I” of The Storm

Wednesday nights at 7 pm


What if you truly knew, that everything in your life--every judgment, every failure, every obstacle, every conflict, illness, and loss was really about exposing your capacity to make the difference in your world – that they are a lodestone for your becoming what your soul longs to be? How would your life be different if you truly understood that all judgment is about what's missing in your relationship with the world around you? And how would your experience be different, if you really knew, not as a matter of faith, but as a matter of principle that nothing and no one is against you? 


What if you really knew you are not your experiences! You have experiences, but experiences don't have to have you! What if you could allow yourself to be inspired by who you have come here to be, instead of by what you believe you have or do not have?


When there is conflict, do you make yourself or the other person wrong? Let's face it. Managing tension in relationships often brings us to the edge of our resourcefulness. But the truth is, when we feel judged or threatened, we instinctively move to protect ourselves.  When defensiveness, controlling others, or needing to be right become strategies for coping with stress and interpersonal difficulties, we run the risk of damaging our relationships and reinforcing our own fears.


This class and book by Gary Simmons and presents new insights into dealing with judgment and criticism based upon Truth principles. It teaches how to impersonalize and redirect the energy of conflict into positive avenues of healing and transformation. It offers clear and simple methods for dealing with stressful and challenging situations. Participants will gain relevant skills for creating harmony and managing conflict as it arises in their


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