I am Thankful, so grateful. Nov 22 Ministers Letter


I am Thankful, so grateful. Yes, I am! I am Thankful, so grateful, for the rain that fell last night, which nourishes my gardens, for the crystal clear air that fills my lungs, and sends healing renewing life to fill every cell of my body, for the beauty and wonder that is all around me. I am Thankful, So grateful.


These have been my thoughts for the past two days, as a rain storm moved through central Oklahoma, providing much needed rain to our very dry lands, clearing the air and hopeful will do away with the fire alerts constantly appearing on my computer and cell phone.


I am thankful, so grateful has also been my thoughts as the month of October comes into completion! It has probably been one of my busiest months since I graduated from college! Back then I normally only got 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night.  At least now when completing a day, I was so tired I simply fell to asleep, getting at least 8 hours each night. Wow! Most days I was working from 8 am to 10 pm.  Not only filling my regular work hours, but during the first week helping to set up our Lawn, Garage and Rummage Sale and arranging for the New Heat and Air Units to be installed.  The Second and Third Weeks, is when these two events really kicked into gear. While at the same time I am and was teaching an On-line Prayer Class for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute; and doing all the paper work a professor has to do!


So yesterday as the rain poured, Scott, the Sheetmetal Mechanic who installed the external duck work connecting the H&A Units to the internal duck work, came by for a chat. As Scot entered, I said to myself, “I am thankful so grateful!” Then a little while later, as the rains slowed, Habitat for Humanity showed up to pick up a portion of the materials left over from our “Sale!” So, I took a deep breath in and said, “I am Thankful, So grateful!” I realized that these two very important projects had come to a close! Somehow these two events occurred in the flow of life! Who would have expected that when we started the work two weeks earlier, the major heat wave we had been experiencing would come to an end and we would not need air conditioning inside or out. Rain occurred just before the outdoor work began and just after it ended!  Tina had planned it perfectly.  Everything went in the flow of the River of Life, both with the installation of the H&A Units and our “Sale” (Well mostly). We also raised just over $7,000, to help pay $46,000 for the five new H&A Units, to replace the old ones that were nearly 35 years old. I am thankful, so grateful, this part of the journey is complete!


I am thankful, so thankful to be able to rest in the wonder of this moment now! Especially after the overnight rains that nourished my gardens, for the crystal clean air that fills my lungs, and sends healing renewing life to fill every cell of my body, and for the beauty and wonder all around me. I am Thankful So grateful. Believe it or not this is actually a portion of the theme for the month of November.  Yes, we all know its November, the month of Thanksgiving! But a part of realizing a deeper sense of thanksgiving, is by moving through the events of our life, releasing and letting go of the things no  longer needed that might be blocking and holding you back; like an old H&A Unit, or lots stuff that didn’t sell. What are the things you are holding onto (internally), that might be blocking you from being fully in this moment now, to fully enjoy the wonder and goodness all around you.  Now is the time, to take a moment to bring that internal baggage up, then acknowledge it and release it and send it on its way.


Then you will be fully empowered to take deep breath in and feel the crystal clean air, the sparkling light and the beauty all around.  Boldly say, “I am thankful so grateful,” then feel the joy wash over your being. As JC said, “The time is fulfilled, the time is now! Turn around and look for the Kingdom of Goodness!


Namaste, I see the Light in you, It’s glowing. RevDocPatrick