I am radiantly alive, October's Minister's Letter

I am radiantly alive, October's Minister's Letterbutter


I am radiantly alive, glowing with energy life and wonder. This is a phrase I often say, and perhaps you have even heard me say it.  It is a phrase that makes me and others smile. Yes, and there are probably many reasons why!  For me this affirmation of Truth connects me with my higher awareness, my I Am awareness, which then connects me with the Great I Am, “the Living Energy” that flows in and through me.  As this connection is made, it ignites the Light of the Divine, that is flowing through every cell of my being. They in turn begin glowing with the Energy of Life.  And even if I was not feeling so good before I said, I am feeling radiantly alive after I have said and claim it.  This Living Energy is then ignited within those are “listening!”


There are two key Spiritual Elements in the reaction that occurs within me, and those who are “listening.” First is the use of the “I Am” declaration. For those who have not heard me talk about It, the I Am is the name of God.  Yep, the only place in the entire Bible God names Itself is in Exodus 3:14 - 3:13 NRSV. “I am who I am.” Then says further, ‘Thus you shall say to the Israelites, “I am has sent me to you.” … “This is my name for ever,” Then much later we learn we are not supposed to use the Lord’s Name in vain.  Meaning that we are not supposed use the Lord’s Name – the I Am, in useless, ineffective and demeaning ways! Bet you’ve never done that. Although when we were taught that Command, it was probably not disclose, that we were suppose to use God’s Name (“I Am”” in life affirming ways.  Ways which would connect us with this Field of Living Energy (God)) that surrounds, enfolds and flows through us, and would lift of us up into awareness of Its Presence. which is the second Key Spiritual Element.


Yes, the Second Key Spiritual Element in making the statement “I am radiantly alive, glowing with energy life and wonder,” is that it connects me (us) with this Field of Living Energy which is all around me and flowing through me. When I am consciously aware of this Field of Living Energy that surrounds and enfolds me, I can then harness and directed Its Energy flowing through every cell of my being! I can see It glowing with energy, life and healing renewing wonder. And the people hearing me say these words can feel the Life Energy flowing through them, whether they know it or not.


This Second Key Spiritual Element is essential in understanding the Spiritual Faculty for the month of October, which is Zeal! As Brian mentions on page 2 that when we direct the faculty of Zeal, we are charged with the Energy of Life and we can do amazing things.  When we open our mind and our awareness to the Christ Energy and we can focus “zeal” like a laser point to do many things we never imaged we could to do.  However, when we shut this energy field down, by using the Lord’s Name (I Am) in vain or moving into “I can’t” mode, our whole energy field will begin to shut down. You will begin to feel tension moving through out the body, especially along the Cranial Ridge (the lower area of the Skull just before ii merges with the neck), and you may just want to scream. Every thing will just seem impossible and like the world has gone mad is plotting against you. I belt you never felt that way!


So, when you begin to feel tension building up, especially along the Cranial Ridge, take two fingers and gently rub that area, as you affirm: “I am radiantly alive, glowing with energy, life and wonder.” The Healing Forces of the universe are pouring down upon me! I am glowing with energy and life! See the Living Energy / Living Waters pouring down up you like a radiant light washing away all the tension, all the chaos and ask the Christ of God, the Living Energy, to guide your way and it will!


Seeing YOU immersed in the light and healing power of the Divine!

              RevDoc Patrick