God Walks Beside Me

God Walks Beside Me

Minister's Letter for March 2024butter


“God walks beside me, guides my way, through every moment of the day. God is my health, I can’t be sick; God is my strength, unfailing, quick; God is my all; I know no fear, since God and love and Truth are here.” These words from the Prayer of Faith by Hannah More Kohaus, have been running through my head as I thought about what I might write in this month newsletter. I have so many things on my agenda, and so many other things I like to do! I have been amazed at the weather jumping back and forth! Today it’s going to be 85 and tomorrow the low will be 30.  Two weeks ago, we had buckets of rain and it hasn’t rained a drop since and flowers are popping up everywhere. And those skunks (real skunks) are coming out of hibernation. Wow and it’s still February!


As I pause to watch the whirlwind of my thoughts I think wow life is amazing! Yes, Life is amazing! So many different choices to make, and things to do, and the beauty of Mother Nature is just breath taking. Wow, not only can I enjoy the beauty of the Daffodils and the Fire Bush in my yard, and watch the northern geese flying overhead, but I can go online and on Facebook and I can experience the beauty of amazing places all around the world on my 32-inch computer monitor. In that movie we just watched, Lara Croft goes to Kazakhstan.  I remember hearing about that country, but I didn’t remember where it was at. So, I looked it up on line, and wow talk about amazing and beautiful; the cities and the country side.  The pictures of a couple of their cities are breath taking and were actually in a couple of those crazy sci-fi movies I have watched.


When I was child, even when I was in college, I could never have experienced any of those things. Life is amazing and we live at one of the most remarkable times in history. And we are offered the opportunity to do so many amazing things, that a simple ordinary person could not have done 50 years ago, and would never have been allowed to do 100 years ago. I am thinking of the time when my grandfather came back from France, just after the end of World War I! What I would call the start of the end of patriarchal / monarchical control. Yes, there have been a few ripples in the time space continuum since then, but life was very different before that time.  A life style, and events few in the higher echelons would like anyone to know, and why they try to hide true history lines.  But then history is not meant to be gloried, but rather something we should learn and grow from as a worldwide community, and as individuals, so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, as we are doing.


As you can probably tell, my mind is in one of the whirlwind moments, do you know what happens then? The Phone rings and I get one of those really talkative sales people. Then I hear those words, “God walks beside me, guides my way… God is my strength, unfailing quick.”


When I hear those words, I have learned to pause “in this moment now!” I take a deep breath in and focus on my heart beat, as Divine Life and Wisdom is sent out to fill every cell of my body. Then my awareness returns to this moment now where I can experience the wonder Life is meant to be. Yes, “God walks beside me and can guide my way, if I allow “God,” the Life Force – the Living Energy that surrounds and enfolds me and YOU, to do so. 


“God is my strength, unfailing quick,” if I can attune myself to this Life Force, flowing through me.  Yes, this is a trick which we all have to learn so we can experience the wonders of the world, and the amazing life we are being offered.  We have to learn to pause in this moment now, breathe in the Sacred Energy of Life and attune ourselves with “Its strength!” So, we can stand amidst the swirling winds of chaos and creativity, and be open to the Wisdom of the Universe and be empowered to know what is ours to do and experience.

Namaste, I see Love's Presence in You

RevDoc Patrick