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How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.


Dr. Dispenza takes a scientific approach while using meditation as a means by which to improve life.  The book contains a series of meditation practices designed to clear chakras and explore the silent spaces between how life was for us yesterday vs. how we would like life to be tomorrow. Dispenza offers meditative clearing practices that are backed with scientific and metaphysical information that explains how the practices can help.

According to Dr. Joe, in order to create within ourselves a space into which we can call better health, relationships, and abundant expression we must clear the chakra fields of past memories, hurts, and regrets. Once this is complete we have a clean slate onto which we can drop spiritual information which will bring about changes for tomorrow, creating for ourselves a new roadmap for life.

We already know that neurochemically, what fires together wires together, and we already know we have pathways for new information so new neurochemical connections can be made. Once this is done, we are on our way to learning a new internal neurochemical order (peace, order, security, love of life) that will change our life.


The mediation practices are straightforward and not complex, easily done alone, and somewhat sequential to facilitate learning. Each chapter includes the scientific information, the metaphysical clarification of the information, and the spiritual benefits of the practice.


I found benefits immediately after the first meditation, and hope you will as well. 


Namaste, Dana