Love Is A Cosmic Power


Love Is A Cosmic Power

Disciple: John

Location: Beyond the heart Color: Pink


Love… is our power to comprehend our oneness with all things.blessed

               Keep A True Lent

“Love is the attracting, harmonize, unifying faculty of Spirit; it is the building force of the universe.”

Jesus used this power to unite the Disciples and perform miracles. It was their faith that made them whole. It was their love for him that made the miracles possible. John Lennon wrote “All you need is love”. I’d like to think that John Lennon channeled a little bit of Jesus in his later songs. “Imagine” comes to mind.

Many of you know of the romance I share with my wife. We were high school sweethearts who separated after two and a half years of marriage, straight out of high school. We reconnected twenty years later and have had eleven years of happiness and joy. It has not been without its challenges. Even soul-mates must learn to cope with each other’s moods and personalities. We have free-will after all, and that is the reason for negativity in the world. Unconditional love does conquer all. We share this unconditional love that supersedes human emotion and lifts us up into the realm of Spirit.

Spirit, the Breath of Life is the conduit to God. The Universe. As we open our awareness to this breath of life, we become aware of the  intuition, that still, small voice that speaks to us. The more we listen to our intuition, the more distinct the voice becomes. In time, we all can intuitively connect with the Divine. By listening to the sweet voice of the intuition, it raises our vibration to that of the Divine. Once accomplished, we will feel the Breath of the Universe in flowing through the essence of our being.

Love binds everything together. When you realize this truth, it becomes a deep part of you. You realize the Universe and you are one. One might say it’s the You-niverse. You have it inside of you. That is that still, small voice. The vibration of the Universe echoes through you. It all rides on the promptings of love.

Whenever you feel discouraged, know the Universal vibration sings through you. The Universe and you are one. Love lights the way. You are the way of love. As an expression of the Divine made manifest, you are love created into being. You can accomplish anything you put your heart and mind to. Go forth and be love to the world. You deserve it.


By Bryan Carlile



Affirmations For the Faculty of Love

I am a radiant Expression of God’s Love Flowing into the World

Love Abides in me, and I am Glowing!

I am a magnet of Love and all the Goodness my heart desires!

I am the way of Love!