Everything that is visible is light. Minister's Letter for December

Everything that is visible is light.

Minister's Letter for Decemberbutter


“Everything that is visible is light. Therefore, The Light says, ‘Sleeper, awake! Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ ” (Ephesians 5:14) It is hard for me to image that I might be using the words of the Apostle Paul, to start an article about the Christmas Season and what this holiday season really is about all, “awakening to true life” (the spiritual faculty of the month) and the “Christ Light within us and all around us.” Perhaps you have even heard me mention, that I have wondered if Paul was speaking to Zombies, trying to get them to rise up out of their tombs.  But if you were ever to read the text around Ephesians 5:14, you might quickly realize he was writing a letter to those he believed had become lost in the darkness of the mortal mind, and the ways of a very materialistic material world. He was writing a letter to those he believed had fallen to sleep in a materialistic dream state and was inviting them to awaken to True Life and live in an awareness of the Christ Light which was all around them and being birthed within them.  Yes, the Christ Child is within you and when you breathe in life into It, you will awaken to True Life and awaken from the darkness of the ego.


So, I invite you just to pause within this moment now and to breathe in the Sacred Gift of Life and feel it flow in and through your heart and then with each heart beat rippling out to fill every cell of your being. See and feel the “Living Energy” filling and stirring in every cell of your being.  Now say to yourself, “I am radiantly alive, glowing with the Living Energy and can feel It moving in me.  I am a spiritual being charged with the Energy of life.” Now pause take another breath in, then look at the world around you! Perhaps, even at your Christmas Decorations with the lights glowing, or out a window to see nature in all of its wonder.  See the marvel of a world transformed by the Light of Christ flowing through you. Wow! You have just given birth to the Christ Child!


It is intriguing that when you study the 12 Powers you find that Judas, is the disciple that represents the spiritual faculty of life. Some say how could Judas represent any of the 12 spiritual faculties, he betrayed Jesus! Oh my gosh!  But is that true?  If you read the story line in the Gospel of John, Judas was simply following Jesus’ instructions. And when Judas realized what “he” had done, leading soldiers to arrest Jesus, Judas committed suicide. Oh my!


Again, the question might arise, how could Judas represent one of the Spiritual Faculties? Well from a metaphysical point of view, Judas was actually Jesus’ most trusted disciple. He made all the travel arrangements, for lodging and food and whatever.  He paid all the bills and collected money for all the disciples’ needs. He was a master in the ways of life, and physical well-being. Whatever Jesus asked of him, he did.  However there becomes a point in our spiritual journey in awakening to the Christ Child’s Presence we must let go of that very “disciplined sense” of the physical world, and allow the Light of Christ (as Paul says above) to guide our way, only then do we come into an awareness of True Life. We then become very aware of the Living Presence, of the Life Force, in which we live move and have our being. Wow!


So, as you go out to do all your Christmas Activities, I invite you to see all the twinkling lights around you, and all the other Christmas Décor as signs of the Christ awakening in you.  Begin to feel yourself rising up out of all the craziness of the material world and just feel the Light of the Christ flowing through you. Feel the Living Energy twinkling in you as the light of the holiday season twinkles.  You know that old saying, “Twinkle, twinkle little star, know all the wonder that you are.”

I See YOU immersed in the light and wonder of the Christ Child,

RevDoc Patrick