Power of the month is Strength

Power of the month is Strength
Color – light Green;  Location-Small of Back


Have you ever had one of those days, or situations?  You know the type! Perhaps it was when you were watching current news on TV; perhaps it was with your children who just don’t seem to want to behave; perhaps it was in a grocery store line, or driving down the road.  Have you ever had one of those days or situation when you just want to cry out, “Lord Give Me Strength!!!!

When I get in those situations I think “Eagles!” That’s right eagles; and then I remember the phrase “Those who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Listen to me in silence,” says the Lord. (Isaiah 40:31) You can’t get much clearer than that! A powerful phrase is it not?

It is also a powerful image.  An Eagle is a symbol and an expression of abounding strength and freedom.  The Eagle mounts up into the air to an unbelievable height and from this attitude focuses his eye on the ground below and spots his good.  He rises above the storm; and out flies the wind. 

As is the way of an eagle in the air, so can be the way of each and every one of us, when we fully realize our potential strength in Spirit.  Those who deem themselves to be finite and to be separate in any way from the infinite will never know this feeling, they cannot know of the possibilities of spiritual man, they cannot even dream the possibilities of spiritual man. For true strength is of God. 

My joy is knowing my oneness with The Father, that I am connected; it’s the realization that there is ever-present sustaining strength that will support me through any circumstance and that it is just a thought away; and that the Lord is that Strength.  Divine strength that is beyond my imagination.

This thought, of oneness, of strength, or connection, this awareness was, and is, one of the most basic tenets of the Jewish belief system. Do you know that the words Lord and strength appear together 41 times in the Bible; all occur in trying and desperate situations. It was spiritual strength; that allowed Jesus to overcome the crucifixion and death.  Through spiritual strength the Christ lives.

So what is Strength?  By now you have probably guessed that strength is one of the twelve innate Powers of Man.  But unlike love and faith, the spiritual faculty of strength is not very well known. It is however key to the unfoldment of our spiritual awareness.   Although strength is a power that affects our physical bodies, it is not merely a physical endowment, but a degree of spiritual awareness. It is not a forced, a manipulation, or defensiveness; spiritual strength is the courage and confidence in the ways of Spirit.  

Strength is the ability to endure, to persist, to exert effort towards a goal, and to withstand force or stress; it is the faculty of steadfastness, dependability and stability.  It is the power, which helps us withstand temptation; it is our capacity to move and accomplish the work of God. Nonresistance is the highest expression of strength. It is our ability to stand at the center of the swirling winds of life and ask for understanding and guidance without getting pulled in.

Affirmations  For the Faculty of Strength
I am aligned in Spiritual Strength, and stand in midst of the swirling winds.
I am Spiritual Strength and empowered to do what Spirit calls me to do.