Our Annual Membership Meeting

Our Annual Membership Meeting Will be
Sunday July 16th  at 12:30

Our Annual Membership Meeting has become an exciting day, as we share about the activities, events and transformations that have taken place within our Spiritual Community.  We also share a vision of events that will be occurring in the near future.  Lots of exciting things are happening as we boldly stand in this moment and prepare to take a step forward.    We really hope you will join us.  

The purpose of the annual meeting is actually to elect new members to the Board of Trustees to fill the terms of those who will be completing their terms of service in July. We would like to thank those fine members their time and efforts. So please share you thanks and appreciation to Ruth Gnagi, Phil Hyde, Barbara Duffy, Regina Birchall, Sally Boothe, Connie Baker and Judy Hunteman for their time, dedication and service.  Regina Birchall and Judy Hunteman are completing their terms of service and we want to especially thank them for all they have done.  We truly appreciate each of them!  

Each Board of Trustee is elected to a three-year term, unless there is an opening that because someone has had to leave her/his position of sacred service. The bylaw requirements for serving as a board of trustee member are that an individual:

1.    Desire to serve on the board and is capable and willing to perform the duties of a trustee.
2.    Be a member of the church.
3.    Attended USLC for at least one year.
4.    Completed at least three core Unity classes.
5.    Completed Art and Practice of Living with No One Nothing Against You or an approved course like Be Peace, Non Violent Communication, or The “I” of the Storm.
6.    Demonstrated ongoing support of the USLC through the tithing of time, talent and treasures.
7.    Demonstrated leadership capabilities.
8.    Meets qualifications outlined in nominating committee protocol.

You are amazing, A Powerful Creative Spiritual Being!
That’s right say it with me
I am an amazing, powerful Creative Spiritual Being!  
I creative My reality through the power of my thoughts and words.  
Remember that at work, in the store, on the road, watching TV!