Our Minister

After five years of marriage and a series of life changing events lead Rev. Patrick and his wife were guided to the Unity in Chicago, where they became active members. Rev. Patrick describes that first Unity experience, in 1986, as “a coming home.”

Within a year they were synchronistically guided to Unity Village, where they became engaged in Unity's Continuing Education Program due to the inspiration and insights that Ed Rabel and Frank Guidici provoked in them. They knew they were being guided by Spirit, but weren't really sure where it would lead.

Eight Years later Rev. Patrick applied to ministerial school and was accepted. During this time Rev. Yvonne completed the Licensed Unity Teacher Program.

Twenty eight years later he is actively involved in the growing and thriving UNITY SPIRITUAL LIFE CENTER in Oklahoma City. Often he uses his own life lessons, as points of learning and growing in the ways of Spirit. Rev. Patrick he has used references to the birth of his daughter, Shavonne, who was born in 1992, as a point of learning and growing in the ways of Spirit. Shavonne irecently graduate with Music Education Degree from Oklahoma City University, has been active in the Youth and Family Ministry division of the church, plays the violin and sings like an angel. (See Shavonne's bio on the visiting artist page.)

Rev. Patrick graduated from Unity’s Ministerial School in 1997 where he received the James Dillet Freeman award as the ministerial student who best exemplified Unity Ministerial Consciousness. He has served on the Licensing and Ordination Committee for Unity Institute for 10 years. He also has served the Field Licensing Committee for 10 years and has mentored three ministerial candidates through this Unity Worldwide Ministerial Education Program. He attended Unity Executive Institute in 2002. Rev. McAndrew holds a BA degree in Psychology and Business Management from James Madison University and has 21 years of managerial experience: 11 years in restaurants and 10 years in the transportation industry.

Rev. Patrick wears many hats at Unity Spiritual Life Center. One of the most noteworthy is that he leads many of the Spiritual Education classes at our Spiritual Life Center. Having passion for the Truth, Rev. Patrick uses humor, creativity, imagination, references to television, movies and cinema plus his own personal experiences to illustrate many of the lessons. Rev. Patrick is noted for breaking down passages and restructuring them in a way that "speaks to you in a way that you always clearly understand" resonating from inside to the out.

. Namaste, We see the light in YOU!