Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Hello, my friend!

Welcome everyone to summer!  Seasons come and go, and change year after year, don't they?  Have you ever noticed how life evolves wonderfully and also stays wonderfully the same?  All of creation is always with the same perfection, and we can depend on sunrise, ocean tide,  moon cycles. We can also depend on less predictable aspects of creation, like changes in seasons. All the same, all different!

Life within us is like this as well. Have you ever taken note of your enduring qualities, those you love about yourself as well as those you may find less appealing?  Ever notice how even though your mood may change day by day, your general nature of who you are may not vary all that much? We are like this by our creator's design. We all have within us everything we need to be fully us, and only us. What we do with these qualities, how we manage ourselves, handle our traits, is our decision. In other words, we can do whatever we want with what Spirit has given us.

Here is an example of how we might use these traits. What if you had always been told how stubborn you are? And what if you always felt others perceived this as a less than desirable trait? But what if one day you changed your attitude about your stubborn-ness, and turned it into a wonderful determination to do something spectacular? What a difference in your mood that would make! And you would not have changed your nature much, just turned it around.

What if you were the kind of person prone to worry? What if your conservative decision making because of this tendency to worry was always at the front of your mind? And what if one day, you decided to put that to good use, get some training and become a meteorologist?  You would be at the front of helping your entire community  be prepared to stay safe!

So, this month, I invite you to join me, first of all, in looking at all the enduring characteristics of who you are. Then look at the moods and attitudes that are attached to it. Instead of attempting to remove or eliminate those that you are not so happy to find, find a way to use it for good.