Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Instant Angel


It was New Year's day in San Antonio and Tina found a random shop along the promenade. Though it wasn't her kind of place, the prices were a little steep, still Spirit led her to enter. Spirit gave her a vision of what the shop looked like before she entered. She walked in and everything was just as it appeared in her mind. All along the L-shaped venue were lined row upon row of women's clothes and accessories. The lane was tight, and walking through was slow and cumbersome. But somehow Tina knew she should be there. She knew she must press on.

That was when she met her. Tall with white hair, this woman was someone she always knew and yet had never met. Tina was drawn to her on the spiritual plane. Tina was drawn to a scarf; it was orange with flecks of gray. The woman chose a sister scarf of the same orange with flecks of white. It was like they bonded with just a few words.

Within moments Tina knew the woman’s complete history. She also knew the woman was soon to transition. It was cancer and it had taken possession of her body. Though the words were never spoken, Tina knew the diagnosis was true. She was reminded of what Charles Fillmore said about Zeal and how it relates to the color orange. How the woman had a zest for life and that her upcoming transition was merely the beginning of her journey. Most of all that she would not be forgotten.

The woman said Tina looked like her aunt, that they were family of a sort. Tina agreed the familiarity was deep. After the conversation of souls, where words flowed but didn't adhere, the woman turned to Keith and told him his wife was a gift from God. He nodded in agreement. After buying the scarf and praying with this woman, Tina and Keith left. Still Tina looked over her shoulder, spiritually, as the woman faded from view. Yet, everywhere they went they caught a physical glimpse of her. Without deliberately trying, she was there.

On that day Tina was chosen to be an angel to this woman. Though her name remains a mystery, every time Tina catches a glimpse of the scarf she remembers the energy of that woman. Even though she is certain the woman has already transitioned, she will never forget that day in the shop. Even now, Tina vows to return to catch a spiritual glimpse of her new found soul mate.