Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Greetings to you from the Prayer Chaplain Team!

We are honored to serve you as you move into your own wholeness of love, joy and prosperity. We are joyfully available to join you in prayer each Sunday, and with your monthly prayer calls.

One of the main components of a healthy and productive prayer life is carving out a place for God in our heart space. We have all heard that term “hollow out a place for God”.  It is interesting that this term means different things to each of us.  So how, then, do we know if we are on the right track as far as carving out a place for God?

First of all, we need to recognize the importance of making space and place for God to reside within us and within our lives. This is not something that just happens accidentally in our lives, we must apply deliberate effort in this direction. This means setting aside time each day to think about God and to contemplate the nature of our relationship with Spirit. Not just a passing thought, but actual time and effort spent with this as the goal.  The amount of time spent will depend on your personal needs, but it needs to be more than just a fleeting moment.

Setting aside space and place for God is best done on a regular schedule at first, not that Spirit needs it, but that WE need the discipline and order that it brings. God will recognize our efforts., and in a short time we will begin to notice a sense of harmony and communion when we are practicing carving out space for God.

Continuing with this practice, we offer up sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of life and feel the presence of God within us and all around us. We spend time with this feeling, allowing it to be strong and enduring.  As we practice this, it becomes more durable over time, and we find we have hollowed out a place for God that is always available to us.

Having hollowed out this space, prayer becomes easier and more effective. It becomes easier because we no longer need to “blaze a trail” from our head to our heart to make the prayer effective, the trail work has already been done. The God place within us calls us into its stillness and magnificence and we cannot help but be drawn in as soon as we think of prayer. As we begin to formulate the prayer, we will find ourselves already aligned in oneness and peace. When we start using this place/space often, it becomes even more full of our most endearing qualities of Spirit, and we can joyfully go there in time of seeming trouble and find comfort and healing.

SO..I invite you this month to engage in this practice to create and/or reinforce your sacred place of your most high essence.

Dana Martin
Unity Prayer Chaplain Team