Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner  Reflections

Hello, my friend!  Namaste

If I didn’t understand the power of prayer before, I certainly do now.  Last month, I faced the greatest crisis of my life so far. Feeling panic and despair settling in around me, I called out to my Prayer Chaplain team. As I followed my prayer practice, I shifted my consciousness from my head down into my heart; I was met there with a sense of calm. When there is no physical remedy apparent for the problems we face, we can always turn to prayer to comfort us and to guide our steps.

The form of prayer I had been raised with - begging, or simply quoting scripture in an effort to make any tragedy seem like “God’s Will” - would not have served me at all in my time of need. My Prayer Family and my prayer practice helped me to see the situation, my family and myself surrounded in the light and love of the Divine. Horrible things do happen, but through it all we remain always connected to Source and held up in Love.

My son has been reluctant to embrace any form of spirituality, but he agreed to join me at our World Day of Prayer event. There, we had the pleasure of having Dana Martin pray with the two of us, and he remarked at how surprised he was that he found the prayer helpful, comforting and inspiring.

Our Prayer Chaplain Coordinator, Tina Wellman, showed up at my house within days with exactly the gift I had in prayer asked the Divine to provide: a very specific kind of book. She had bought it a week before when visiting Unity Village, though at the time she bought it she did not know why she was buying the book - it did not apply to her or to anyone she could think of at the time.
This is the power of the Divine. If you ask, It provides what you need. If you allow It, It will work through you for the good of yourself and others.
I am so grateful for this spiritual community, and for the gift of prayer.         

Namaste, Janice Francis Smith