Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Hello, my friend!  Namaste

In this awesome time when we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, I'm touched by the fact that as members of this community of faith we are to celebrate the birth in our own lives of what Jesus and his contemporaries shared with the world. This energy, this field we walk through is God's gift to us. It is also our opportunity to remember to share this gift with ourselves and to share it with everyone we connect with.

Life is here to celebrate this birth in our awareness, and to see it as a way to dedicate every moment we have, through the power of faith. We can live in the moment seeing that with each and every breath we take we are feeling this birth renewed in our lives.

This is an awesome realization in our lives and as a prayer chaplain I'm blessed to be a faithful reminder of this special message. I'm truly blessed with this mission in life, and I thank Unity for showing the way.

Always know that as prayer chaplains, we are glad to pray with you at any time after each service. We are blessed to be of service. Blessed holidays to all!!

Seeing you immersed in the Living Field
Mark Laverents