Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Hello, my friend!

Greetings from your prayer chaplain team! We are honored to serve you and to provide support for your highest and best in all areas of life.  This month starts the beginning of prayer chaplain training, an exciting time for all of us. While we will be covering many topics at many different levels, there are some things that I want to mention that are of high priority to the success of the prayer chaplain program here at Unity, and in fact all churches.

 During our training we will have a long section on confidentiality. We will discuss what confidentiality means, and solidify that concept in the minds, spirits and hearts of all the prayer chaplains, not just the new ones, but the existing prayer chaplains as well. As a congregant at Unity OKC, we all hope you find us worthy of your confidence and trust and know we are held by agreement with Spirit to uphold our commitment to each of you.   A failure to hold the confidence of a congregant can result in loving dismissal from the Prayer Chaplain Program.

Another topic to be covered in Prayer Chaplain training is triangulation. At times, we get new Prayer Chaplains who are unfamiliar with this term. Maybe you yourself have not heard it much.  At its most basic level, triangulation is essentially the process by which one person does not communicate directly with another person, but instead uses a third person to relay communication to the second, expresses negative comments, verbalize complaints, and maybe even gossip, thus forming a triangle. This sets up a negative cycle of miscommunication and distrust and can easily be seen by others as a means of manipulation. Facts, opinions, and feelings get misinterpreted and it becomes more and more difficult to be connected with the flow of divine energy.  Triangulation, although it may on the surface seem to bring two people closer, it actually destroys relationships. For example, the person talked about can be viewed as less than whole or can be made a scapegoat for problems in the church community. Additionally, the talked about person usually hears about this, resulting in a rupture in the loving community of which we all want to be a part. This month I would encourage each of you to take a quiet look at the communication you have with others, not just here at Unity, but in other settings as well. Are you straightforward and loving? Are you trustworthy and respectful to those around you? Do you have the courage to speak directly to those with which you have a problem using loving communication techniques?

 As a prayer chaplain, I am always blessed to serve you, to pray with you, and to hold your highest and best deep in my heart.

Namaste!  Dana Martin