Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner  Gratitude

Hello, my friend!

I’ve been guided to write this month’s letter article on gratitude. I’ve come to realize over my time as a prayer chaplain how important this topic is in all of life, but especially in prayer.  Expressing gratitude to the Divine in the time of prayer brings clarity.  Without gratitude, prayer is left empty. With Gratitude, prayer is whole and complete.

An obvious example of the expression of gratitude, in my life is when I am around people, who might be considered less fortunate than me. These include not only those seen on our busy street corners begging for change, but also those who have either lost their way spiritually or haven’t found the inner strength it takes to make the spiritual journey.  At times likes this depending on where I am, I either scream out “Thank You God!!” verbally or do this within myself.

I confess that this expression of gratitude is probably a selfish act, but I am strangely comfortable within.  I’m a human learning to live “in” spirit. This is a valuable tool that will help me in every part of my life.

As a sacred team, each of us as a prayer chaplain, value this feeling of gratitude as a central part of the process.  It’s an honor and privilege to share this with anyone in need of prayer after each service.  I thank each and every one of you for allowing me to share this honor and privilege with you.