Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner


Here we are welcoming a new spring together,  all of us at Unity. We stand again in the newness of life with a fresh perspective, hopeful amd renewed. For some of us, spring brings joy and renewal as if life itself moves from slumber of winter into an awakening.  It can almost feel as if light is dawning against the backdrop of the darkness of winter. This transition of light emerging from darkness happens at all levels of life, all throughout the lifespan.

In this month's  Wednesday night class, The Creative  Process, Rev. Patrick has asked us this question, How do you separate the the light from the dark in your life?  I would pose that same question to each of you this month for reflection.

We are all co-creating our own reality with our own Prime Creator. Each moment of each day, we make choices and decisions that separate  light (enlightened  thought and behavior) from darkness (fear based thought and behavior). We can improve our capacity for this by reminding ourselves often that we are divinely guided, moment by moment, and everything we draw unto ourselves, seemingly good or bad, comes to us for our own upliftment, even if it causes distress, unhappiness, grief,  or upheval. We have a choice, in times like these as always, to be full participants in life, and and to simultaneously observe the experience. Ask yourself, how how is this experience impacting me? How am I responding to this?  Am I handling this in a way that is moving me towards lightness or am I headed deeper into the darkness?  One way to know this is to identify at ever deeper levels your response to the events of your life. Is your response promoting the welfare of not only yourself, but also of others, or is your response withholding good?

You get to set the pace of your own transition into the light, and you can ease the transition by setting a daily intention to just step, day by day, into the light, the fullness of life itself .

By this,  I mean stop battling the darkness. Battling the darkness no longer serves you. Simply stand in the light that you already are. Do not wish for it, dream of it, or search for it, because you already ARE it. When you battle with the darkness, you battle with your own self.

Your Prime Creator waits always for you to do your part of the creating, by making your decisions, enlightened or not.  You create by stepping forward into light, or further into darkness. Step forward now into your own wholeness! Namaste! Dana Martin