Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner


Greetings from your prayer chaplain team.

As I said in last month’s Prayer Chaplains Corner, each time I have the honor to do the prayer chaplains corner I’m amazed at what Unity has done for my life. From a person with no spiritual direction to speak of and no real motivation to find one, to one who thrives in the truth of being immersed in spirit. My life has changed in ways that I can’t explain. All of these changes are very positive and I owe it all to Unity!!!

As a boy, a young man and a not so young man, coming from a traditional background, prayer was a way to beg God to help you through whatever struggles you were going through. Whatever pain or hardships you had, you begged God for help. Then I found Unity! What a fresh breath of air!  In Unity, the prayer process is based on affirming the fact that you are blessed with divine nature. Divine energy flows through you, so there’s no need to beg for help. We see that energy in everyone we pray with. Affirming this divine nature works wonders when applied consistently.

In addition to my prayer life, I find that meditation is essential to my spiritually. I do my best to spend some time in meditation every day. Most people think meditation is supposed to be a way to stop your thoughts. Meditation is far more this. Meditation comes in many forms, but they all have the same goal, which is to not get wrapped up in thought.  I’d like all of you to learn meditation. There are many ways, but I suggest the simplest form I know, which is simply, consciously, following your breath. As you inhale and exhale put your complete attention on this and nothing else. Do this for several minutes a day over time may just change your life. Well, it has for me, anyway!!!.

Thanks for the honor.
Mark Laverents
Unity Prayer Chaplain Team