Love Is A Cosmic Power

Love Is A Cosmic Power
Disciple: John
Location: Beyond the heart
Color: Pink

“To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.”
    Karen Sunde


The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. We merely open our eyes to see it. We find our hearts with love. 1 Corinthians 13 so eloquently tells us the attributes of love. Yet, love is deeper than that. It is like tasting the breath of God like a kiss upon your lips. It is the most pure expression of being in existence.

Many know the story of how I met my wife 30 years ago. Of how we met and married as teenagers. What you don't know is that the divine love we share has only ripened with age. For 20 years we were without one another. We went on with life trying to fill ourselves with whatever would keep us feeling good. Nothing worked. We had love, but such a small place to put it. Along the way we had children of our own. We learned through them what true love is. Yet, it could not compare to the depth of truth found in divine love.

Now we stand, 30 years later, returned to one another's heart. We open ourselves to divine love and approach one another through our inherent divinity. In this way, we share a truth no other could comprise. In this way, we love more deeply than any ocean, more pure than any snowflake. To express the love of God through God is to experience heaven in a moment. Imagine still that moment lasting a lifetime. Take that deep breath in and experience the truth of being which is God. Know that brilliance which is divine love.

When you feel discouraged, know there is something deeper than yourself at work. Know that the Divine seeks for you a communion. Know that deeper than any single emotion is the magnificence of divine love. In this experience, embrace the world and see the miracle ever before your eyes.

By Bryan Carlile    

Affirmations For the Faculty of Love
I am a radiant Expression of God’s Love Flowing into the World
Love Abides in me, and I am Glowing!
I am a magnet of Love and all the Goodness my heart desires!
I am the way of Love!

One Thought
By a Skylark            

Just one thought away from the limits of mortal mind
Lies this land of Holy promise, God’s gift to all mankind

Just One thought farther on past the finite vision
Within the realm of infiniteness man finds his true commission

Just one thought more before the perfect work is done
A loving perfect thought my God and I are one.