Fishing In The Sea of Infinite Possibilities

Fishing On the Sea of Infinite Possibilities
A Visioning Workshop Just 4 U

Sunday January 14th at 1:15


Have you ever want it would be like to fish on the Sea of Infinite Possibilities, as just as Jesus spoke with his disciples about? Visioning is something that many components of the New Thought Movement encourage.  Many of your friends might even ask you, “Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions yet? However, those visions and resolutions often fall by the wayside. Why? Well, a few of the most important components are left out!  I would like to share a process I have learned over the last few years, that include those missing components, that often get left out because we are unconsciously trying to let our ego have it’s way, as opposed to allowing our spirit to express it’s creative nature.  This workshop will blend a meditation with journaling and a conversation about the key components of “spirit’s vision” for you.  The length will be just around an hour.  Presented on a love offering basis and will be facilitated by Rev. Doc. Patrick.