Power of the month is Spiritual Discernment

Power of the month is Spiritual Discernment
Color – Yellow;  Location-Solar Plexus

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the ordinary.  
        Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wisdom is that spark of God within the human heart that speaks to us in the still, small voice of Spirit. It is when we listen to this voice that we hear the truths of the Divine. Ignoring this voice leads us to difficulty and dis-ease.

Nearly two years ago I was faced with a monumental decision. I could have surgery and save my life, or not have surgery and end up dead. I chose life. I did not arrive at this decision easily. I had to listen to the still, small voice of Spirit to guide me. It was not an easy decision, nonetheless. I am so thankful that I chose life. Here I stand stronger than ever and on the list for a heart transplant. This could happen at any time, day or night.

I had to go into the inner room of my heart and pray to God in private and listen to divine urgings. I could not rely on human understanding. Despite all the benefits the doctors laid out for me, I could not solely rely upon their decisions either. I had to listen to the wisdom faculty of my heart.

When we are faced with life's challenges we tend to rely on our intellect to guide us. But intellect will take you only so far before it leaves you. We must rely on Spirit and Its urging. We must listen to the wisdom of that still, small voice. Only by going within to find the fountain of divine wisdom can we make an appropriate decision and act on the best interest of ourselves and all other involved.

So I challenge you, the next time you are faced with a decision, be it a small one or a major one, go within, listen to that still, small voice and come out certain of an answer that is divinely inspired. You owe it to yourself and everyone involved to do so. Go and be wise, it is your divine birthright.

Affirmations For the Faculty of Spiritual Discernment.
As I pause in this moment now, I am connected with the source of wisdom.
Spiritual Discernment is active in me, I see to the heart of every matter.
Centered in Christ Awareness I am wise and empowered.
I Am Wisdom, I am aware and alert to the promptings of the Divine.

You Know This!
Notes From a Skylark

Apples come from apple trees.  Roses grow on roses bushes.  If a gardener wants carrots, he plants carrots seeds and not radishes or onions.  All through life it has been proven that there is a spiritual and a natural law of life that causes all things to produce after their kind.  Although Jesus Christ taught it a couple of thousand years ago, man is only now, at first regretfully and then joyfully, discovering this Truth.  He discovers that each thought he holds, and each word he speaks, is governed by this very same law. Words of love and kindness never produce hate and inconsideration.  You are the boss of your life, if you really want to be.