World Day of Prayer

handsHolding The High Watch
29th Annual Unity World Day of Prayer


Wednesday Sept. 7th     6:15 to 8:30
Thursday Sept. 8th    10:45 to 6 pm

Our Amazing Prayer Chaplains will be in the sanctuary – our Living Room for the Soul - from Noon to 6 pm on Thursday, holding each of you in prayer! If you have a specific request, there will be a World Day of Prayer form on the Prayer Table. They Love Holding You in the High Watch!

Times of challenge stretch us in finding the Secret Place of the Most High. The spiritual practice of finding this place of peace right where you are, in any situation, has been the prescription of master teachers throughout the ages.

Unity is echoing this practice during World Day of Prayer 2022!
Centered In Truth, I Am the Radiant Life of God, Healing Life is Flowing, Stirring in Every Cell of my Being I Am filled by the Sacred Breath of Life!

We will be sponsoring activities right here in Oklahoma City.  Join us and Unity World Headquarters and other Unity Churches around the world. Please join us in holding the prayers of your heart and prayers for our world.

Questions for Reflection

1. What would it be like to know beyond a doubt that Infinite One is in you?
2. What would it be like if you truly knew the wonder of this moment now?
3. What would it be like if you knew God’s Love is written upon your heart/


You are the light of the World
Allow your Light to Shine by holding the High Watch
Join us in a Powerful Time of Prayer

Sip The Living Waters