Whispers of Pialigos


Whispers of Pialigos

Beginning Wednesday at 7 pm


Stuart, a novelist wants to write a book that will make him rich. He meets an eccentric man who may provide him a ticket to that desire.  For decades this man has been searching for an ancient scroll and would have a profound impact on the world.  Their High Mysticism Journey leads to a place where they begin to hear the whisper of Pialigos, a mostly unheard of ancient Mystic who lived at the of Augustine an Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.  Pialigos knew insights rarely shared about the Realm of Infinite Possibilities, which Jesus, Siddhartha and Lao Tzu, taught about but had been lost in dogma and the ways of the world. Want to go on the adventure discover hidden teachings your soul longs to know, well join us beginning June 2nd at 7 pm

On Line or In person


The Book The Whisper of Pialagos the class is based on is available on the 10% off table in the book store.  Wow that’s right 10% off table.

Login in is : 871 2305 8620 Passcode: Ok17600okc