Mountain Mover No. 4

By Charles Roth

(Mountain movers are designed to help you get a true per-

spective on life and take your troubles out from under the

magnifying glass of self)




When you get in a cycle of depression; when you seem

to have no ambition to do anything; when work piles up

around you that needs to be taken care of, but you just sit

and brood; then you need Truth to work for you.


But how to put Truth to work?  What to do?  Try this

exercise.  Sit quietly, comfortably, close your eyes and try

an experiment with yourself.  First say a few statements

about the way you actually seem to feel—like this:  “I am

tired,”  “I am listless,”  “I am restless.”  Now as an experi-

ment  and enter it in the experimental attitude of mind )

say a few positive phrases, even if you don’t agree with

them.  Such as,  “I am happy,”  “I am efficient,”  “I am

healthy,”  “I am orderly.”


Notice you the negative dragged you down and how the

positive ones, even if they weren’t exactly the way you felt, lifted you up, tended to stir up a good feeling.  Continue on with a few more negative phrases and then the positive. Chances are the positive phrases will feel so “good” you will seek to think of all the good feelings you can and frame them into that “I am . . .” phrase.  After the first part of your experiment, I doubt if you will desire to try any more of the negative ones.  At any rate, continue thinking of attitudes, moods, and feelings that you would like to feel.