What's Happening?!?!?

What's Happening?!?!?

During the workshops this past weekend I became aware everyone in our community isn’t aware of the many different things we do or aware of the services we offer, nor might they be aware of new services we trying to create.  So, since I had some extra space I decided to share a few with you. 

Were you aware that we……
Are active on facebook? Not only do we have our facebook page for the general facebook audience, but that we have our own Facebook Social Group.  This page on Facebook is set up so that individuals who attend our Spiritual Life Center can create a dialogue with others about their experiences. It was also set up as a way to share information about events outside our center so you might have individuals to enjoy those events with; creating kind of a social group to do things together.  Since this is for individuals who attend our Spiritual Life Center, it is a “Closed Facebook page” and you need someone already in the group to extend you an invitation to join.  So, if you are interested please ask me, or someone you might know, who is in the group to send you an invitation.

We are trying to create Digital Membership Directory on our Website (www.unitychurch.org) What is a Digital Membership Directory? That is a good question because a few months ago, I certainly didn’t know.  From time to time we are asked if we have a membership directory that list phone numbers and email addresses and possibly, work and business information.  Since it takes quite a bit of work to put one together and is rather expensive to have an outside business to put it together, our answer is no not at this time.  Sooo, what a digital membership directory is, is a membership directory on our web site, which can be up dated at any time.  This Digital Membership Directory was put on our website last month, but at this time only has three individuals listed on it. So, if you might be interested in contacting individuals in the church and willing to share your information within the church please let Rev. Patrick or Barbara Duffy know and we will add your information to the list and give you the access code to enter this portion of the web page. This page is restricted to those who attend the church and have the access code, so your information will be safe. 

Did you know that Unity has an extraordinary Youth and Family Curriculum?  Our personal Youth and Family Program has had it’s ups and downs, mostly because individuals within this Life Center do not see them selves in the position of teaching, especially teaching children! What if I told you Unity’s Youth and Family Curriculum is easily taught and is a set up in a very powerful format for children that can be transformational.  All you need to do is understand the formula. Our Children’s and Teen Curriculum is based on something called Maieutics, which is a Greek word for midwife.  Maieutics is the system of education that Socrates taught which gives birth to the knowledge and wisdom that already exist within you, and within the Children, and only needs to be drawn out!  Both Shavonne and Noel, two of our former teenagers who learned this process and taught in our Children’s Church; both excelled in high school and college as a result.  So I invite you to think about adventuring into the realm of teaching our children, or perhaps you might know a teenager who might like to learn this process and share it with our children.  Let Rev. Patrick, Sallye Booth, Bryan Carlile know if you do. 

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