Wednesday's at 7 PM in June 2022

 The Fruits of the Tree of Life

Wednesday Night at 7 pm .


“The Tree of Life is a topic at the core of spiritual teachings of native cultures around the world. It is even mentioned in the Bible in two places!  Once in the second chapter of the Book of Genesis (the Book of Beginnings) and once in the closing chapter of the Book of Revelation, where the tree of life sits on both sides of the River of Life, where we will be encouraged to eat of its fruits! Why isn’t mentioned more often, well, it was a core teaching of the Ancient Hebrew Mystics (the Essene), who believed it need to be shared in person with students of the Way who make it a discipline in experiencing the wonders of the River of Life and empowering them to navigate its flow in living healthy, whole and abundant lives. Do you dare venture embrace a teaching of the Way, and live in the wonders of the River of life?  Well join us as we begin to eat the fruits of the Tree of Life. Primary book will be Healing Secrets of the Ages by Catherine Ponder

Last Class on June 8th

when we have a group discussion and end with The Spiral Meditation


then on June 29th we will begin

The spiral of  Conscious Evolution.

As Joseph Campbell taught, we are each on a Hero’s Journey, a journey of awakening to our true selves.  This Journey will bring us back home to the place we thought we had begun, but nothing will look the same. We will see what we thought was our home from a completely different awareness.  As Jesus said, “In Our Father’s house there are many mansions!”  We will then go off on another Hero’s journey and when we return home once again, we will have ascended into a new awareness and taken on a new dwelling place in the Mansion called Life.  Each of these Hero’s Journey will seem like a spiral that leads us into a higher and higher awareness of the Grand spectrum of life. Do you dare make the journey and come to a fuller understanding of the journey you have taken, with or without your permission? 


This class will include lessons in Ancient History and teachings from a curriculum called Conscious Evolution as we come to understand we are approaching a point in Human Evolution where we must make the leap into a new level of awareness, where we see and know our Oneness with all of life.



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