Thoughts about John?

Sunday Mornings at 9:30


Much of what is taught about Jesus was not really topics Jesus shared much information on.  The Gospel of John is a very intriguing adventure, very different from the three Synoptic Gospel!  When Augustine replaced the Book of Nicodemus with the Gospel of John, I don’t believe he understood it was the basis of the Gnostic Movement.  Although he saw some key ideas that have provided a basis for modern day Christianity. The Essene teachings on the Logos, The I am, and the many dimension of our Father’s House, when understood clearly take spirituality in a different direction.  These core ideas share how you and I might live in an awareness of Eternal Life and the Kingdom of Heaven! What am I talking about? Well, you will have to be here to find out! Join us for an uplifting and very different look at the mystical teaching of that Guy called Jesus!