Star Dust, The Movie, It's Amazing

Star Dust

Sunday April 11th at 1:15


Star Dust, is one of my favorite movies. Tristan who goes off on an adventure of a lifetime across a wall in search of a fallen star, where he discovers true love and his life purpose.  The wall is a symbol of the barriers the mortal mind has created to keep us from adventuring into the spiritual dimension.  Now some might think this adventure would be filled with wonder after wonder, but in reality the spiritual dimension is a field of Infinite Possibilities with Infinite Power.  As we travel through this field of Infinite Possibilities we must discover and learn to use our innate spiritual powers and direct them to what we want.  If we do not, adversarial, possessive, controlling thoughts will rise up and try to steal the treasure we seek. Believe It or not this is what this movie is metaphysically all about. Join us as we cross Hadrian’s Wall into the land of Druids on an adventure into mystical dimension of life.