The Shadow Effect, the Movie by Debbie Ford

The Shadow Effect

Sunday February 21st  at 1:15 pm


The Shadow Effect explores the forces of dark and light that compete for attention within the human mind.  Debbie Ford reveals how the competing forces of light and darkness vie for our attention. This emotionally-gripping, visually-compelling docudrama shares why suppressed emotions and unresolved internal conflicts lead to behavior that continues to unseat politicians, destroy celebrity careers, and ruin the lives of millions of people. Paradoxically as we explore and look into the dynamics of the shadow, it allows us to bring events in our own life into the Light so they might be healed.

The movie then traces the journey of several individuals who have transcended child abuse, racism, the Holocaust, war, and wounded upbringings, shares their remarkable stories. Meet those who have learned to face their terror, heal their wounds, and embrace their higher, heroic selves to overcome the shadow effect to live very powerfully and freely from the shadow’s influence. 

Inspired by famed psychiatrist Carl Jung, Debbie Ford is a pioneering force incorporating the study and integration of the shadow into modern emotional and spiritual practices.  Debbie Ford is an internationally acclaimed expert on the human shadow who has led thousands of people from around the world through her renowned Shadow Process Workshop and is author of two bestselling books The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Why Good People Do Bad Things. Ford presents the hidden power of “the Shadow” alongside some of today’s most provocative thinkers including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, and James Van Praagh.