The Power of the month is Spiriutal Understanding –

The Power of the month is Spiriutal Understanding –
The Realization of Right Relationship In All of Life

Disciple Thomas/
 Color is Gold/
Location is the Souls of the Feet

Intellectual understanding comes first in the soul's development, then a deeper understanding of Principle follows, until the whole man              ripens into wisdom.                  Keep a True Lent

Divine understanding is the Christ Mind in action. When we center ourselves, and listen to that still small voice of intuition, i.e Spirit, we act in concert with the Divine.

In a heart transplant they sever a nerve that does not regrow. It regulates your heart’s need to beat properly. I remembered not to lean into my own understanding, instead to seek the Christ consciousness to see me through. Somehow that nerve grew back. The doctors cannot explain it. My heart beats without the need of medication. I am whole.

When we lean on Divine understanding, we comprehend things in a way that is beyond our mortal mind. That is why we are admonished to put on the mind of Christ. Christ means the anointed One, and is One field Living Energy in which we living, move and have our being. When we ask, seek and knock, even when we don’t know the question, we create an expectation in the mind of the Universe, the mind of God.

You are a spark of the Divine. You are created in the image and likeness of God. You live up to that birthright when you open your heart and listen to the still, small voice. When you put on the mind of Christ, all things are possible.

When you need more than your mind can fathom, reach out for the mind of Christ. In this way, you become One with the Anointed Field of Living Energy. The more you reach into that part of you that is God, the more aware of yourself you become. When you are self-aware, you can do mighty things. With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. You possess the spark of God that created the Universe. You are the Divine in action. In your quiet moments, realize, you can reach into the invisible ethers and mold the world around you.

Stop. Look. Listen. It works for more than a busy intersection. It is a rule for life.
By Bryan Carlile~
Affirm these statements every morning!!!
I Am the Way of Understanding.
I am aware of the movements of the universe and
I see clearly to the Heart of every matter!
I am the Way, The Truth and the Light!