The Power of the month is Elimination, Renunciation and Renewal

  The Faculty of Elimination, Renunciation and Renewal

Disciple: Thaddaeus; Color: Russet

Location: Small of the Back

We must learn to let go, to give up, so that we can make room for the things we have prayed for and desired.

                                                              Dynamics for Living


We often hear the phrase, let go and let God. As simple as it sounds, it is one of the most difficult things to do. We desire to release old thoughts. We cannot fully release old thoughts unless we have higher thoughts waiting in the wings to take their place. We hold onto things. Old memories, old thoughts, old ways of living, as children we find letting go of something that is ours, hard to do. By releasing that baggage are we able to move forward without delay. The more we let go and let God, the more the heart’s desire comes into being.


This past September, I awoke early to get the start at my new job. I bent down to put the cat out of the bathroom. I stood too fast and my blood pressure bottomed out. I landed on the left side of my face, and awoke with paramedics standing around me. My wife made me presentable and I was taken to the hospital in the City. I stayed four days. I still have double vision. Up to that point I was holding onto some outdated thoughts. Mainly, that I have to do all the work to manifest something. When we let go and let God, the Infinite One takes that as permission to fulfill our dreams. The Infinite One must have our consent, we have free-will after all.


We imagine our thoughts are all our own They rummage through our heads after all. Wild and interesting thoughts scavenge our brains. In meditation, we acknowledge our thoughts and let them go. We are curious creatures, we ponder things. If something truly trips our fancy we find ourselves working it out. I admit, I have a mental treasure chest of intriguing thoughts. I’m a writer after all, I manifest entire worlds within my mind. We all create in one form or another We were created to create and manifest our thoughts.


Once we release our dying thoughts, God gives us higher thoughts to manifest. This time of year is about releasing and allowing God to draw us closer. We hold the power with our free-will. Once we choose to let go of those thoughts, opinions, feelings that no longer serve us, we enable higher thoughts, memories and realities to manifest. It is all in your hand. What does Patrick say about walking the streets of our minds, that they are scary places. Turn those streets over to God and we release more than stale thoughts, or fears.


You are mighty, creative beings. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It is time to put away the toys of our past and accept the working tools to manifest our heart’s desire. Seeking harmony and balance enables these higher thoughts to appear. Letting Go and letting God manifest our deepest truth is the nature of the life we are created to live. Go forth in faith, God’s faith, and seize your dreams.

By Bryan Carlile


Denials and Affirmations that will empower U in overcoming.

I release that…. I let it go, and allow God’s prefect love to flow!

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel Be gone.

 I am standing in the Presence of the Divine!

GET Beyond me Satan (or what ever negative it might be) –

I Am Allowing My Light and wonder to Shine….

This Ministry and all we do is solely supported by individuals like you, whom it serves, and by other freely given gifts of the Universe.   God Bless you for your Support!  Thank you!  You Are Amazing!






Practice Affirming:
I say yes, I Am Divine Will in Expression!
I am open and receptive to Divine Will, I am in the flow of life!
Divine Will opens my mind and heart I am goodness and wonder