The Power of the month is Divine Order

    “The Faculty of Order

Disciple: James, son of Alphaeus
Color: Olive Green; Location: Behind the navel

Order is the one underlying law of manifestation…
                    Unity School of Religious Studies

Divine Order is a powerful affirmation. It reaches beyond mortal understanding into the invisible ethers to manifest the life we want. Too oft we focus only on our needs to the exclusion of our wants. When we want harmony and balance, and seek first the kingdom, all else falls into order. Order is the first universal law.

The writing job failed to fully manifest as I reached out from pure need and not divine desire. Because I approached it from a sense of lack, it failed to fully reveal itself. Likewise, I have manifested another tech support position. I am capable. I am aware. I know that my heart must be right, that I must seek divine order for the life I desire to manifest. It is manifest because of my divine desire to provide for my family. So it is, make it so.

When we reach forth with the hand of lack, we are not truly striving (seeking) what is our highest and best. Lack cancels out abundance. When we approach a situation with the Christ mind, we seek from a level of confidence. We achieve abundance in our lives by sheer truth of emotion. It is only when we fall back into old habits do we fail ourselves.

It does not have to be this way. Jesus told us to seek divine order through harmony and balance and all the desires of our heart will be given to us. When we align with Divine Order, our desires arise from the Divine. When we seek the power of the Divine in our lives, all abundance is brought to us.

Rest well. In Bible college, I faced a dire circumstance. I feared the outcome would destroy me. I listened to the still, small voice of Spirit. It said, “Fear Not! Trouble Not! It is Done!” Those words apply as much today as they did twenty-six years ago. It all comes down to a modern adage, “Less fear, more faith”.

We walk by faith, not by sight. So doing we see beyond the visual into the spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Never forget it. You can do all things through the Christ expression that guides you. You are the Christ. Manifest your heart’s desires, with the Divine Order that underlies the whole universe. Be well, and walk in peace.

                                                 By Bryan Carlile



Affirm these statements every morning!!!

I Am One With the Flow of Life

I am aware of Divine Outworking and I act in accordance with It!

I see clearly to the Heart of every matter, and I know what is mine to do and all goes easily, quickly and joyously






Practice Affirming:
I say yes, I Am Divine Will in Expression!
I am open and receptive to Divine Will, I am in the flow of life!
Divine Will opens my mind and heart I am goodness and wonder