Positive Practical Path for Spiritual Living

A Positive Practical Path for Spiritual Living

What The Heck is That?

Wednesday Nights at 7 pm


Truth be told, most people have no idea what Unity is really about!  When doing the branding with Unity Worldwide we came up with the brand, Positive Practical Path for Spiritual Living! But what does that really mean? And when the new CEO of Unity Worldwide made the statement that most people, even those in Unity don’t know what we are about, I thought it might be time we explore this very powerful branding phrase, that I use when answering our phone, which will cause many to ask, what did you just say! During this time we will explore what mysticism, Gnosticism and spirituality really are, while looking at Unity’s core principles and how we are actually very different than those who walk the religious path.  Get ready to jump into the mystical dimension of the spiritual reality we live move and have our being immersed within.  Books that could go along with the class are Discover The Power Within You, The Sermon on the Mount or and Living Between Two Worlds, although no book will be required for reading.


In person and on Zoom   

Login is 871 2305 8620: Passcode Ok17600okc