My Greatest Teacher The Movie

My Greatest Teacher --

A Movie Saluting the life of Wayne Dyer

A story based on the power of love and forgiveness

Sunday February 5th at 1:15

Dr. Ryan Kilgore is a college professor struggling to take his career to the next level, while battling the demons that are keeping him from achieving it. Kilgore is tormented by the memories of his father’s abandonment, yet his wife and child are the ones who pay the price. Upon the death of his grandmother, Kilgore desperately seeks the closure he needed long ago, making journey into the past. Through a series of mysterious and serendipitous events, a path opens that leads Kilgore to his father, a man he never knew, which empowers him to choose to rebuild everything he has destroyed. Based on the true-life story of Wayne Dyer, the film is a compelling drama exploring the transformational power of Love and forgiveness.