Minister's Letter -The Way to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Way to Spiritual Enlightenment and Transformation is revealed one step at a time and when you think you arrived, you are actually starting all over again. Wow, the spiritual journey is just so much fun. That’s actually a theme of Easter and the Resurrection Story.  JC got laid in a tomb, laid there for three days, and then got up and had an amazing time afterwards.  In John, he meets Mary, the love of his life, in the garden in a moment of splendor, then cooks breakfast for the disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  In Matthew, he cooks dinner on a hill overlooking that same sea, and in Luke he goes off and starts talking to everyone he meets, while in Mark the stone is left open allowing the imagination to cook up all kinds of stories.  What really happened we will never really know! But the path he walked to get to that point of enlightenment and transformation was really a rocky road and he had to have the spiritual tools and use them to reach his goal.

From a mystical and metaphysical point of view, Spring is really not much different; especially if you consider the past year and all the opportunities we’ve been presented to learn and use the spiritual tools Jesus shared and demonstrated in his ultimate overcoming.   What on Earth AM I talking about? Well, that’s exactly it, on earth! In this physical reality we have opportunities that will stretch us to learn more and more about this Energy Field, this Life Force called God, that we live move and have our being immersed in.  Metaphorically, the Winter time of our soul was brought to an end, with the snow and the hard winter freeze that lasted until the end of February. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when the little purple Crocuses began popping up almost as soon as the snow was gone!  They actually had never bloomed before, because I had planted their seeds last Spring, while building my front yard patio garden. Seeds I planted last Spring, were nurtured by Mother Earth and the warm sun and then had to go through the harsh winter before their beautiful true essence could come bursting up through the darkness into the light. Just as Jesus demonstrated that our beautiful Christ Essence, our True Essence must go through times of darkness, resting in the tomb of Mother Earth, before bursting forth into the Light of the Sun, our true Spiritual Reality, knowing our Oneness with the Living Field.

As I walked through my front yard patio garden and into my back yard gardens, my mind was actually running away with all these crazy ideas.  I still have some up-keep to make, but the front garden is filled with these beautiful, amazing tulips.  At least 40, they are multitude of colors: pick, yellow, red and orange with all kinds of shades. And yes, I planted them all last year.  I love walking through them.  Then there is the purple Phlox, oh my gosh, I guess pulling the weeds, really helped them grow and spread their roots stretching out to cover much more land.  I love the color purple! And Yes, it’s also another metaphor when you pull the weeds of the mortal mind and allow your awareness of the realm of Infinite Possibilities to grow and expand, your inner beauty stretches out to reflex its royal nature (Purple is the color of royalty).

Yes, the beauty and the wonder of our spiritual nature and the transformational process we must grow through is revealed one step at a time! To reach our destination, living in an awareness of the Divine and experiencing our Oneness with it, we must first walk a rocky path.  As we hold the vision, that we are Spiritual Beings, Energy Beings created in the imagine and likeness of God, we will draw to us opportunities that reflect this Light we have been created to be.  Some people and some of our own mortal mind’s thoughts, won’t like this at all, and they will try to crucify us.  How could you ever be so remarkable and astonishing? When you catch the insight the Prodigal Son had, and choose to return to your Father’s Estate, practicing the ways of non-judgment, non-resistance and detachment, you will meet people that you require you to engage the final step – forgiveness! When you learn it and then rest in the tomb, you will rise up and reveal the remarkable beautiful light you are!

I see the Light and Wonder of the Divine in You.  
Namaste RevDoc Patrick