Minister's Letter - Spiritual Understanding is the theme

Spiritual Understanding is the theme for the month, not human understanding which is a blending of compassion and love and a whole bunch of other things the intellect thinks it knows, but really doesn’t.  Yea! Understanding spiritual faculty of understanding is a really complex, confusing mess, and yet it is actually very simple, but it comes at a price! Yep! You have to surrender everything you think you know; and that can be oh so hard! Just be here now in the moment and allow yourself to be open to the promptings of Spiritual Understanding.

The very first thing you need to do in understanding the faculty of Understanding, is to engage the faculty of Faith! Faith empowers us to see beyond the appearances of our physical senses, which believes are there and “our beliefs” in the physical reinforce. Yea, Faith empowers us to see beyond the appearance of “our beliefs” and to see into the Mystical Dimension of this realm of Infinite Possibilities! This actually was the topic of this past Sunday’s class on High Mysticism.  Once we have faith engaged and understand how it is designed to work, when we get a prompting of Spirit to take a step this way, or that way, we will just do it! We won’t try to intellectually understand the message we get; we will just do it. Interestingly enough this is a message shared over and over again in that movie we just watched called “UP.”

Have I completely lost you yet?  Well, well, well, you see as we move through our day-to-day life, we will receive many messages. I should say we will sense many things through our ego mind and its many accomplices, and receive many messages, which will create a lot of monkey mind matter, that our intellect will try to sort through.  This uses up a lot of our energy, and wears us out. So, we learn to shut those senses off, and will only hear messages that are loud and causes us to go into fear and to draw the battle lines.  While when we have faith engaged, we are empowered to see beyond all the appearances of our ego mind and all the monkey mind chatter it creates, into the realm of infinite Possibilities, and be able to intuitively listen to the “vibration” that is running through the ethers.  When we are intuitively listening, we will feel a nudge to take a step this way, or that way, without any intellectual understanding of why.

Spiritual Understanding is like looking at a jigsaw puzzle and just knowing how all those pieces fit together! Knowing the pieces may shift and bend, depending on the movements of the 4th Dimension.  Yes, we are 4 dimensional spiritual beings and we need to come into an understanding of the laws and principles of this realm.  Spiritually understanding of how our words go out in the invisible ethers to shape and form our reality in accordance with our thoughts and words! And how spiritual understanding will at times silently nudge us.

Yes Faith empowers us “to see,” “to feel” and “to hear” things in the spiritual dimension of our reality, but unless we have learned to shut off the egoic mortal mind we will miss-interpret what we are sensing through the lens of spiritual understanding. To better engage it we need to also activate our faculty of Spiritual Discernment, which is in your solar plexus just below the heart.  Spiritual discernment allows us to process the information we are receiving from our faith and spiritual understanding faculties, then guides us in the right direction through a Higher Wisdom.  Now this takes a little practice! When walking the street in a silent moving meditation and we sense a movement in the ethers, pause and acknowledge the movement! Then listen in the stillness and we will be guided with the next step we might take. With this prompting still active, take it into the solar plexus and engage spiritual discernment, asking what is going on and am I to take this next step? This can take an hour or just a few seconds. But be aware, when we receive this prompting, don’t just push it away.  An awesome movie I believe is on this topic is the movie of the month, the Portal, which shares insight into how Meditation calms us and empowers us to remain claim by having a greater Understanding.


I see the Light and Wonder of the Divine in You.  
Namaste RevDoc Patrick