Minister's Letter - Spirit is in your shoes

Spirit is in your shoes in January of Twenty–Two-es.  It is causing you to jump and shout, “Alleluia dear Lord, you are lifting me up over every new bout.  I am singing and dancing and glowing with your Life, as it is flowing in me as I role the dice. As I head out on my way, I am going to have a glorious new day.”


I invite you to say this “prayer” as you wake up or head out of your house.  It will invariably effect the way you experience each day! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to jump into the Flow of Life and allow It to carry you to the goodness you desire? To do so we must set the tone, at least in our own my minds! Only then, we will be able to see where the flow in our life is guiding us.  If we don’t like it then we can adjust our sails and allow the wind and the current to take us in a little different direction. At least for a time, before we adjust our sails once again to head back to our original destination.  If we resist the currents, waves and winds, we will find ourselves in a battle, which we will ultimately lose, tossed up on some distant shore, long from our desired destination.


Curious someone who is so physically effected by motion sickness, would share an allegory of riding in a sail boat. Yes, it is much better for me just to be in the water, then in the boat. At one point in time, I used to swim a mile a day.  I love swimming and just floating in the ocean.  There is a spot in the calm water of the ocean and even in smaller lakes, where you can feel the movement of the current.  Yes, you can feel the flow of life moving all around you.   When I go body surfing (No I can’t get on a surf board, yikes), I can literally feel the pull of the next wave. I can feel the point where the wave will lift me and carry me all the way to the shore, 50 to 100 yards in just a few seconds.  If I miss the pull of the wave, which will lift me to the shores, I simply need to wait for the next wave.  If I resist the pull of the wave, or fight the flow, the wave will crash over me and I will be exhausted from the fight. 


Hum, pause and feel the Flow of Life in the Living Waters, or resist them and cause them to crash over you.  Believe it or not this is a choice we are offered each day; sometimes in each moment of each day.  Unfortunately, in our culture we are taught to resist and fight the flow of life and anyone we believe is in opposition to us.  We have to buck up, be strong and fight all the way until we achieve our goal. If we can’t, we have to find the team that will fight for us and push and pull us to our goal.  As a result, we live in turbulence, which we are actually are creating with our own thoughts and feelings.


There is another way! Learning to live in the Flow of Life! The first step in learning to live in the Flow of Life is to actually acknowledge that there is this invisible Life Force flowing, stirring, moving in all of life.  As the Apostle Paul said, “People will long for God, in fact, even grope for God, although God is never far away from anyone us, for it is in God that we live, move and have our being!” (Acts 17:27 & 28) God is not a grumpy old man, sitting on a cloud out there some way, but is the Life Force, that breathes life into us in each moment.  Yes, just as the ocean, lakes. rivers and winds have a current, this Life Force has a current that flows all around and through each of us.  As Emilie Cady wrote, “We are Fountains of Living Water.”  We each have our own energy pattern, and our current can and does effect the energy patterns of those around us, and effects the current of the Life Force flowing all around us.  Unfortunately, since we did not know any better, we have become rocks, boulders and sand bridges that restrict and create turbulence in the flow of Living Waters.  


Step two in learning to live in the Flow of Life is to engage the power of faith, to look past the appearance to find and feel this Life Force flowing all around us and through us, this in the topic for the New Year!  Luke Skywalker and Yoda did; Siddhartha, Lao Tzu, Mohammed and Jesus did and they all said we can to.  

Namaste, I see that light in You, Rev. Doc. Patrick