Minister's Letter - Really Amazing Way to ground yourself

 What do you mean it’s already October, who stole all the days and months and the rest of the Year! Wow! I remember just a couple of days ago it was 98 degrees nearing the end of  September, then Tuesday Night the first day of Fall a “cold front,” moved in and dropped the overnight temperature into the 50’s and 60’s.  The next morning you could tell Fall really arrived, daytime temps in the 70’s and blue skies, wow! But there was something lingering in the atmosphere, all the tension and stress from all the crazy things going on in the world.  Afghanistan, Haiti, tropical storms, nonsensical politically fighting that has brought our amazing country to a stand-still and the brink of civil war.  How can we sing Hallelujah, hallelujah it’s a wonderful day, when you are feeling all that tension in the Invisible Ethers?


Well, I learned this really amazing Healing Touch grounding technique that I now use every morning.  It’s called the Hara Alignment!  I have integrated some Unity concepts, words, and colors with it and added some of my creative imagination.  It just lights up my day, so I can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the day! It creates what I call a “Core Star Energy Bubble” around me, that keeps all the negative tension and craziness out. No, no, no none of craziness here!  It also sets my awareness to the “Kingdom of Goodness” that surrounds and enfolds me so I can experience the Garden of wonder and delight right here, right now. This process also activates my awareness that I am a living energy fountain, as the Divine Energy flows and moves throughout my whole being.  I literally get all charged up with a Zeal and Enthusiasm for life. 


So, how do I do it?  Well, the short version is I close my eyes and hold my hands out to my sides, and visualize I am standing under a waterfall, yes a waterfall of Living Energy.  I see the palms of my hands being filled with this swirling tornadic Living Energy.  When I feel my palms tingling with this swirling energy, I move my hands to my sacral area, where the belly bottom is, and I see the energy going to the spine of my back, where the faculty of Spiritual Strength resides. I see it glowing with a bright green light and affirm I am spiritual strength and it is active in me at this moment now.  I hold this spot until I can feel spiritual strength glowing with energy and life. 


I then repeat this step in lighting up each of the seven primary chakras, seeing them glowing with energy and the color of that Spiritual Faculty, while affirming the I Am of me is activating the traits of that faculty. There is a sequential order to follow in opening and activating each Spiritual Faculty.  As I said you start with Strength in the lower back, then you see the light turn yellow and go down to the souls of your feet, where Spiritual Understanding resides. Next you see the light turn bright white, going down into mother earth like roots of a tree, going all the where down to the molten core at the center of the earth.  The light returns up through the roots, into the souls of the feet, where it turns yellow again, going up to the small of the back and then to the solar plexus where it turns golden.  Onward to the heart, bright pink, then to the throat, brilliant purple, then to the brow and Joseph’s Multicolored coat. Now, I see the light move to the center of the mind, where the power of spiritual Faith resides. I see the whole mind the color of brilliant blue, seeing beyond all appearance to connect with the Divine. Now see a bright light go up to Father Sky, and create lightning streaks across the sky as I connect with the Infinite Oneness. Pausing in this awareness I see a brilliant white light come down from the sky and light each of the primary charkas glowing with the light going all the way down to Mother Earth and back up again, and then visualize the energy of the Divine surrounding and enfolding me in a Golden Bubble.  


Well there’s a little more to it, but even if you just read through the steps, You will be charged with the zeal, enthusiasm and the Energy of the Divine. Namaste I see Light in you. Rev. Doc. Patrick

Namaste I see Light in you. Rev. Doc. Patrick