Minister's Letter -- I am in the Flow of the Universal Energy of Life

I am in the Flow of the Universal Energy of Life, and Creative Source guides my every step in Love, Wisdom and Understanding. Many on-going worldly events have caused my heart to feel a disturbance in the Force, and to hear the cry of souls to bring order to the chaos.  This tugging at my soul causes me to think of John Luke Picard, in the movie Star Trek: Generations. In one scene, the arch-villain appears to be winning in the struggle of the destruction of a planet, declaring that age-old quote, “There is only one constant in the universe, and it is death.” The irony of the scene is profound. I can see and feel life teeming all around them, every fiber of my being wanted to scream out! Captain Jean Luc Picard, seems to read my mind saying, “No, my friend, the one constant in the universe is life.”

The one constant of the universe is life, yet life is in a continual state of change and evolution, moving from one form into another. Just look around, and you will see change everywhere. Mother Nature fosters these changes through the weather, and the rotation of its seasons. We are on a planet that rotates every 24 hours and is traveling through space at 64,300 miles per hour. The cells in our bodies are continually cleansing and renewing themselves.  Scientists say every seven years every cell in our body is replaced; we are made completely new from head to toe. There is a natural flow and a divine order in all life, and change is the one constant.

And yet the human mind so wants to bring order to the chaos it perceives.  Just look at all the crazy events happening in the world! Our very human minds want to label, divide, and describe everything, trying to bring order to it, so we might understand it to bring it under our dominion.  All of this helps to give us some sense of order, so we can function. Everything has to have its place and fit into our logically oriented universe. It is vital to our survival, at least psychologically. Unfortunately, one person’s order is often another person’s chaos. For example, do you organize your stuff in horizontal files or vertical stacks? Yvonne organizes by creating vertical stacks and I was forever looking for things. Likewise, she seldom would find anything I had filed horizontally.

Most people take man-made borders, labels and organizations far too rigidly; forgetting that boundaries and demarcations were created in someone’s mind, to help them make sense and bring some type of order to their ever-evolving world. However, these organizational structures and borders, which we have created, have no basis in reality, and actually led to much of the “conflict we see and experience.  Nature and Spirit does not share our need to create boundaries. Nature and Spirit does not care that we draw lines to separate California from Nevada, or the United States from Mexico, or Iraq from Iran. In nature, there is no fixed line of separation between the ocean and the sand, the hills and the valleys, or the tree from its roots. When a storm rolls in, it does not stop and ask the local authorities which way would be the best.

We label and organize and structure, but still, our world seems to be spinning out of our control. We steadfastly cling to anything that appears remotely predictable and stable. Just about the time, we think we have figured it all out, everything changes. One of those very crazy things my Spiritual Teacher taught me was to let go of all those mortal mind tendencies; let it all go and seek to be in alignment with the Flow of Life.  After talking about the birds and lilies of the field Jesus said, “In all things seek first the Realm of Infinite Possibilities and Its harmony and balance and every good thing your heart desires will come onto you!” I’ve been trying to do that recently, to feel and sense the movement of the Creative Source of Life and just be in Its flow. It takes a little work, spiritual work, but the ride on the spiritual roller coaster called life feel pretty amazing. Try it!

 Namaste I see the light in you, RevDoc. Patrick