Minister's Letter -- I’ve been thinking

I’ve been thinking! I’ve been thinking about the power of the imagination, which is the most powerful creative force in the Universe! Yes, with every thought you think you send a vibration out into the invisible ethers, which shapes and forms the substance of the Universe, and depending on the power of your emotions and feelings the more quickly that thought will manifest in your reality. Hum, the only question is, “What were you thinking?”

Another component of this thinking, shaping and forming ability you have, can be found in another silly joke I told on Sunday. But to hear the whole joke you will have to listen to on the POD Cast on USLC’s Web site Or you can go to our YouTube Channel, Unity Spiritual Life Center OKC; or if you do it right now, you can go to the post section of our Facebook page Unity Spiritual Life Center of Oklahoma City! They were all a part of our USLC’s collective imagination! Oh Yea, what was I talking about! The joke, a short version was that a minister was trying to discipline a young boy, and very sternly asks him, “WHERE IS GOD?” The boy in fear runs home and hides in his closet, where he is found by his slightly older brother, who asks him what he is doing in there?  He replies, “Were in a heap of trouble because everyone thinks God, is lost and that we are responsible!”

So, “Where is God!”  Have you lost “Him” again! A component in understanding the creative power of the imagination and the creative power that each of us has been blessed with is understanding this very question.  In Unity we believe one of the many terms that describes God is the word substance (another word that has been on my mind)!  The word “substance” actually comes from a Latin word which means “that which lies under; that which stands under.” In Unity we believe God is the energy, the Living Substance that makes up all things.  Charles Fillmore believed this Living Substance was the energy existing within the protons, neutrons and “the seven strains of something” that make up an Atom.  This Living Substance stretches across the universe and is what gives life to all things! Or as the Apostle Paul said, “It is that which we live move and have our being in.”

So Where is God? Think about this very deeply, “Yes” It is everywhere! And we have been blessed, because being Created in the Image and Likeness of this Source of All Life, to be Co-creators with It. The Infinite One created by holding an “image” in Divine Mind and then said “It is So, and it was.” Through the power of our imagination we shape and form this invisible Living Substance creating images in our mind, then speak the word and it comes into our reality.  Just like the live streaming USLC is now doing on Facebook Live and YouTube! Six months ago, we had many conversations during classes and fellowship hours about the idea and the many reasons we should do it. The last couple of months pushed us into a position of stepping into our unknown and drawing the idea into manifestation. And Yes, we are still working on it.

With all this said, I invite you to reflect deeply upon these words  of Myrtle Fillmore and allow them to expand in many directions in this field of Living Substance, “If a person would be healed and would keep getting younger and more vigorous and alert and ready for what the times demand of him, he must wake up and get out of the rut, change his habits, appropriate the life elements in food, in the sunshine, and prove he is awake.  … concentrate all his attention upon God, and become so aware of God’s presence and Spirit’s perfect pattern of life and qualities that he will forget old errors, and dissolve the conditions, he himself has built up. We must prove here and now, that is God in the midst of us as a great steady stream of renewing and cleansing and vitalizing life, and we can open up the channels of its flowing and draw from this source.” (From Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters)

”Namaste, I see the light and wonder in you, Rev. Doc. Patrick


Namaste, I See the Light in You! Rev. Doc. Patrick