Minister's Letter --The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, I have been thinking about it over the past week! I don’t know why, but when I looked it up, I realized we are going to have one this week, on October 1st! So that may actually be today or yesterday.  A very large moon rising around sunset and appearing like it going to run into the Earth. According to the information I read, it will be the closest to the Earth the Moon will be all year in its orbit around the Earth. Wow, I hope you can or did enjoy it.

As I searched, a song by Neil Young came up! It was a beautiful! “There is a full moon rising let’s go out and enjoy it... I’d love to see it’s wonder shining in your eyes… I hope you will allow it’s wonder to sparkle in your eyes.”

Have you ever noticed one of those low-hanging moons, looking really big near the horizon? Well it really isn’t bigger, it is just a trick, an illusion the moon is playing.  What’s that word “faith” mean? Faith empowers you to see beyond the appearances, the illusions, the mortal mind plays on you. Yes it is true, the moon, doesn’t grow or shrink, although sometimes appears that way.

For several evenings, the moon rises soon after sunset. This results in an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening, which was traditionally an aide to farmers harvesting the summer’s crops, which is why it was called the Harvest Moon! So, this time also represents an opportunity to reap the rewards you achieved for your summers work. Now "harvesting your crops" can also be a metaphor we can apply to our spiritual lives. Consider all the work you done over the past six months, where is your path leading you? What have you been focused on, and have you allowed your mortal mind and all its monkey mind chatter to run away with you? What fruits has been borne?

Another tradition sees Harvest Moon as a symbol of the new beginnings that comes after all the hard work in clearing the fields, so it is also perceived as a time of cleansing. As a result of all the hard work, it is an ideal time to release and let it go.  Is there is something you do not wish to take with you into the new season? Yes, the feelings of new beginnings are feelings so welcome right about now, life can feel like a roller coaster! Given the roller coaster of events we have been riding, oh my, don’t you just want to shout, yippy chi oh chi a!

The Harvest Full Moon can actually cause us to look at painful memories; yes, there is already a lot of tension in the ethers, and with the added fuel of the lunar gravity pulling at us, it is the perfect time to look at, and release all that and emotional baggage that is creating road blocks on your path in life! So, believe it or not the Harvest Moon, is also a time releasing and letting go, creating a fresh slate for us all as we enter the new season."

Now is most definitely the perfect time to sort through your spiritual and emotional roadblocks. I know, it's really easy to get caught up in work and goals and relationships and drama and family and, well, life — sometimes we don't want to spend extra time and energy dealing with our spiritual baggage and emotional wounds. But when we constantly try to push away painful memories, unresolved guilt and anger, and deeply-rooted fears, slowly eat away at us. This Harvest Moon provides us a chance to break that cycle by simply facing these demons head-on and working through them. Because guess what? When something is hidden in the shadows, our imaginations can run wild, making that thing seem much bigger than it is. But then that same thing has brought you the opportunity to step into the light?

So join us, this Sunday as we move into a time of releasing and letting to, so we can create a space to enjoy the wonder.

Namaste I see the light in you, RevDoc. Patrick


Namaste I see the light in you, RevDoc. Patrick