Minister's Letter -- God IS Love

God IS Love

“God is love, and those abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.  Love is perfected in us in this way.” Intriguing words for the Month of February, a month dedicated to Love.  The opening statement is one of a few places that the Bible says what “God is!” This experience is what our soul longs for, to return home, to rise up and live in the awareness of Love’s Presence! What if we truly knew we lived with in a Life Force that willing provides for all we need, and if we would pause throughout the day, and attune our selves with this Living Energy it would connect us with everything and everyone around us, and we would just know what is ours to do.

As I prepared for yesterday’s talk, I contemplated this concept deeply. Then, I read Dana Gatlin’s book God is the Answer, which caused me to step out of my mortal mind, to feel this Life Force pulsating in every cell of my being, connecting with the Living Energy and feeling Love’s Presence at a molecular level.  Then I felt the heartache of Mother Earth and its inhabitants, crying out to dissolve the sense of separation our very mortal minds have created.  I was very sad, so I stepped into the void of creativity and watched the swirling winds I am witnessing in our world. Then I asked for the light of understanding and stepped to the Dome of Receptivity, to feel and process the experience.

Standing at the center of the Dome of Receptivity, built on the 4 corners of my spiritual reality (the foundation of faith), I see our western culture has totally missed the mark of my opening statement from 1st John Chapter 4.  That God is Love, an energy, the essence of our being in which we are immersed, like fish in the ocean permeated by the Living Water in which the fish are immersed. This energy, this Living Water, I can only describe as a Field of Oneness, which Paul spoke about in Acts 17:27 & 28, and Jesus called the Breath of life in John 4:24.   Yes we live in the Oneness, a field of Living Energy that surrounds, enfolds and permeates every cell of our being. Imagine it; see It permeating every cell of your being.  This is what my opening statement from 1st John 4 is saying.  The meaning of the word “love” used throughout the Bible when translated directly into English means Oneness! Think about that for a moment! When we live in an awareness of “love,” when we abide in “love,” we are opening our hearts and minds to the Oneness, empowering us to connect with others, to see and feel the Divine Presence in them.  This feeling is overwhelming and empowers us to do amazing things.

Unfortunately, our western cultural didn’t get taught this definition or understanding of the word “love,” and has run down many paths into the darkness as a result, creating all the chaos and heartache we see. We inadvertently and unintentionally are taught love is all about power and control and doing things my way, which is the right way! Love has become all about the worship of our physical bodies and going places and following these specific laws and formulas.  It is also what has led to the division in our country; highlighted by two political parties standing on morally righteous grounds, who are unwilling to drop their agenda and seek the highest ground for all, so we might truly unit and learn to live in Oneness with each other.  As result all other levels of our society have followed suit, pairing off in tribal mentalities, fighting and causing harm to achieve what they believe is theirs.

It is time we drop the masks our egos have created and learn and integrate Love and Oneness into our being. This what all true spiritual masters taught (Jesus, Siddhartha, Mohammed, Isiah and all the rest), Being the Way of love; looking beyond appearance to see Love’s Presence in every one and in all things, then rising up into the Oneness, connecting heart to heart, soul to soul. See the sparkling light of Love glimmering in everyone and everyone thing.


I See the Light in You! Rev. Doc. Patrick