Minister's Letter -- God’s Will Be Done!

God’s Will Be Done! It is intriguing that we enter the month of August, which is the month Unity’s Teachings on the Twelve Power focus on the power of Will, I suddenly see all these conversations on Facebook, and Internet tweets about it being God’s Will that humankind be punished and suffer because we failed to be compliant and do the Will of God; that we surrender what we really want and accept whatever comes to us! But is that True? What is God’s Will anyway?

Since the 15th century this has been a very fascinating debate, which literally has ripped Christianity into a thousand different pieces, and is one of the biggest reasons for the conflict now going on in our country. Curiously Unity, or should say I, have a very different understanding of God’s Will.  God’s Will for you, and I, is to experience all the wonder and goodness of this planet and live happy, healthy and joy-filled lives. After all, doesn’t it say that in the Bible Genesis 1:27 that “we were created in the image and likeness of God.” Then as chapter two begins the Infinite Oneness breathed into Us the Breath of Life and we became living beings. We were then placed here in the Garden of Wonder and Delights to till, care for and experience Its abundance and goodness.

That’s how the story begins and this world is an amazing, wondrous place to be, if we would pause from all our business and enjoy being here in this moment now! The Infinite Oneness, Papa, loves us and seeks to experience Itself through us and all we do. Do you remember to pause in the moment and feel Love’s Presence flowing through you? That is God’s Will For you.

It is curious that in the Aramaic translation of the Lord’s Prayer, it says that when we hallow out a place to hold the Name of the Lord (I Am) sacred, we are opening our understanding to the outworking of the ever-expanding potential that is the Kingdom. We are becoming one with the heartbeat of God, one with the Divine Longing that is prompting us. The Force is our ally flowing through us with each breath we take! It then will open our awareness to Its Presence.  As we seek to understand Its movements we awaken to a whole new reality. The realm of Infinite Possibilities becomes manifest in our physical reality, “on earth as it is in heaven.”  That is God’s Will for us.

I thought it was unplanned synchronicity, the movie we watched yesterday, The Shack and the opening of Deep Space Nine series, which I watched last night, focused on this topic! After being explained the idea of a Loving God, the main characters in both shows essentially say the same thing! What the Heck Are You Talking About? God Loves Me and I am supposed to have a happy healthy wondrous life! What about all the pain and suffering and all the horrible things I have gone through! Why haven’t you fixed it? Why did YOU let it happen? In both shows, the Infinite Oneness says, because that is where you have chosen to live, placing your focus on it and allowing it to be in your shadows!  I just wanted to cry as I thought about that tree, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil at the center of the Garden of Wonder and Delight.  Everyone blames God for putting it there and cursing Eve for breaking the rule.  But the fact is, God told us not to eat of it, and explained that a Law of the Universe is that when bit into the fruits of Judgement, we will immediately get caught up in the story with all of its hardship and then go live in Nod, the place of afflictions, sharing our stories of how bad and horrible life is. We unintentionally chose to live in those moments of heartache and pain, as opposed to letting our tears flow and releasing them. Then we can use our tears to water and nourish the wonder and goodness that is going to come forth as a result of the manure we have just created.  If we heal and learn from our heartache, we won’t make the same miss-takes again and the garden we live in will be filled with the abundance and goodness. A different view of ancient story told over and over again! When are we finally going to get it? 

Namaste, I See the Light in You! Rev. Doc. Patrick