Minister's Letter - Divine Order is the Theme and Spiritual Faculty for Sept.

Divine Order is the Theme and Spiritual Faculty for this Month.  This is a very intriguing Spiritual Power, cause it’s really in complete contradiction to what most Modern-Day Theologies teach, and what the Theory of Divine Right which gave all Pre-15th European Kingdoms their power. Unity’s understanding of Divine Order operates more in compliance with science, well at least quantum physics. 

        What the heck am I talking about? Well, pause breathe and open your heart to the Life Force pulsating and flowing in and through you.  Pre-15th century theology taught that God created the universe and everything and it operated with in a certain order, God’s order. The Earth was Flat, had a dome over it and was the center of the universe.  Everything revolved around the Earth and God’s Throne which was monitoring everything you do! You better follow the orders you were given or be punished. Your life was planned all along the way and you better stick with it or you would throw the universe out of sync. So, follow your Divine Orders or suffer the consequences, even if you were like Joan of Arch who was inspired to do a great thing.

           Unity’s concept of Divine Order, is in complete contradiction of what many modern-day theologies teach and the theory of Divine Right demanded.  The earth is round and rotates 24 hours day! The earth and 8 other planets revolve around the sun and our solar system revolves around the outer edge of our galaxy which revolves around the center of the universe with thousands if not millions of other galaxies!  No, we not the center of the universe, but rather as it indicates in Star Wars, we are on a planet on the outer edge of the universe.

           Unity Concept of Divine Order operates more on science, or I should say quantum physics.  Steven Hawkins theorized in the movie about his teachings, “As it is in the outer, so it is within!” He shared a theory similar to Unity’s belief, that we are actually energy beings, and at a molecular level our bodies operate in a similar fashion as the universe. Each cell’s energy pattern flows around a central core of light and energy which sends energy outward to a neutral net, which connects with energy centers (charkas or spiritual faculties) which connects to the heart, the brain, and all other key components of our “physical body.”  The energy beings that we are, then send energy vibrations out into the world around us that affect every living thing.

            Now making this idea of Divine Order personal!  We are energy beings and our bodies work in Divine Order. First think about how your physical body works, lungs feed oxygen to the heart, which mixes with the food we eat that creates blood, sending nutrition to every cell of our being. There is a Divine Order at work that produces our health, if we don’t meet the daily nutritional elements of our body, our system begin to break down; it’s just Divine Order. It’s not a punishment, just a consequence of our not following the plan for our body system.  Now take this idea of our being energy beings into a deeper level of awareness, of how our energy body works! There are diagrams/charts in many doctor’s offices that outline how this energy system works.  When you blend the idea that God is Spirit, God is the Breath and energy life, and add to this an awareness there are energy centers, spiritual vortexes that to need to be engaged, harnessed and directed by you! If you don’t, you will experience the consequence of violating Divine Order.  We need to align our conscious mind with the energy moving through us and intentionally direct it through our body! This is where true health and wholeness starts; ill health is not a punishment but consequences of not developing a routine of being one with this Life Force. Then comes the understanding that each thought you think each word you speak goes out into the energy matrix and you create an order of consequences and events as a result.  Divine Order is really about learning to pause in this moment now and aligning yourself with God’s Heartbeat, beating in your heart and allow it to guide you step by step throughout the day.   

Namaste I see Light in you. Rev. Doc. Patrick