Minister's Letter -- A Christmas Story!

A Christmas Story! For me, the Christmas Season was completely renovated when I learned about and was able to integrate a metaphysical understanding of the Christmas Story.  Due to the way I was raised, in a house full of kids (9) and parents completely focused on the rules and regulations of this physical dimension as seen through the doctrines of a very religiously focused church, Thanksgiving and Christmas were pretty much a nightmare. It was a season focused on giving and receiving and being happy all because of the “Stuff” and because of the guy called Jesus, who was supposed to have died for your sins. Yeah, do you hear the paradox? “Your supposed to be happy because of all these wonderful gifts and presents and things you are getting, because it’s the birthday celebration of someone who died for your sins.”  I didn’t quite understand this growing up, so Thanksgiving and Christmas were not a “fun time!” And due to the pressure of making other’s happy with the right and perfect present and making sure every thing was done in the right and perfect time in just the right way, there tended to be a lot of explosions (emotional, not real bombs) at my house!

Well, it took some doing to understand the road I am to travel, to take me from where I had been with all the crazy feelings about the holidays, to where I need to be to experience the wonders and delights of the Birth of the Christ Child. The journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, might be especially intense this year, but we all can do it, that’s is if we can incorporate the spiritual teachings that are hidden within the story! Yes, spiritual teachings hidden within the story, that is what Metaphysical Interpretation is; every person, place and thing within the story, represents a different aspect of our self.  Nazareth, “is the place of the ordinary,” with all the things going in the world around us! Oh my, ain’t nothing going on the world this year!  Extreme divisiveness in the elections this year, a health pandemic, and now all these businesses trying to sell you stuff to give to other people to make you feel happy! Bethlehem means house of breads, and metaphysically means “the place of rising substance,” rising energy that is going to give you a taste of something delightful and wonderous!

I’d love to make the journey, wouldn’t you? To travel from a place of divisiveness and craziness to a place of wonder and delight, how can we do it! Well, it is in this place and time that a message that all the Children of Israeli must return to their place of origins to register themselves. Joseph, who represents spiritual discernment, and Mary who represents an awareness of Love’s Presence, are new partners in life, which must go to Bethlehem, the place of rising substance.  How are Love’s Presence and Spiritual Discernment going to get to this place of rising substance to taste the delight and wonder of life?  They must leave the place of the ordinary and all that is familiar to them and travel up the rocky cliffs of the Promised Land (Israeli) along narrow passages, filled with bandits, and simply trust the other and work together.  They are also carrying a very special gift, deep down within them.

When Love’s Presence and Spiritual Discernment finally arrive at the Dwelling Place of Rising Substance, after their long journey up the rocky narrow passages of life, the Inn (our mind) is crowded with many conflicting thoughts of this mortal reality and what’s happening in the world. So, Love’s Presence and Spiritual Discernment, must go out back into the Grotto, into a Hallowed place, a sacred place where they can give birth to the Christ Child.  The Christ Child, the offspring, an awareness that springs forth from the Field of Living of Energy which will empower each and every one of us to feel and know our Oneness with all Life. The Spiritual Journey, from Nazareth, the place of the ordinary, to the Grotto in Bethlehem, a hallowed place, a sacred place where we can feel and know our Oneness with the Field of Living Energy all around us. Yes, I am thankful, so grateful and One with the Field of Living Energy.
Namaste, Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick