Minister's Letter -Bye Bye 2020 and a thankful greeting for 2021

Bye Bye 2020 and a thankful greeting for 2021! 2020 was indeed a very intriguing year!  I must say some things stretched my faith and beliefs to their limits! My understanding of our energy body and the natural flow of Divine Life and Health flowing in and through every cell of our being was confronted and attacked over and over again, by many loving and well-meaning people.  My understanding of connecting with others in oneness through our Spiritual Life Center’s Services and classes often left me feeling bewildered and all alone.   My beliefs in financial prosperity of the church and in my personal life, has taking me beyond my mortal mind’s comprehension.  All I can really say is this past year has taken me into a whole different quadrant of my space time continuum.

Wow! But the past year has also presented me with a very different view of one of my favorite topics – Maieutics! Yes! Maieutics is the foundation of the Socratic methods which teaches that in all of our life experiences there are “tensions” pulling us in different directions.  It is not whether one issue, belief or situation is right or wrong, but a real learning opportunity arising from understanding the feelings the tension creates. The understanding that arises from the tension we feel will often give us a new insight or a deeper, fuller understanding of the conflict appearing before us. It may also guide us to a door that as always appeared to be closed or not even apparent, and now with our faith engaged the door swings open and invites us to walk into a whole new realm of being.  

For me this is really what 2020 has been, an adventure into the depth and true meaning of Maieutics! In March 2020, after discussing the events to come the USLC Board of Trustees, agreed to the best of our abilities to walk a middle way. On one side was the overwhelming concern and fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) about the c-virus shared via the media of the “CDC prediction,” which was often tinted by political viewpoints.  On the other side was a blatant disregard of the c-virus and refusal to cave into the dictates and demands of “the hierarchy” and the demands to let go of Unity Beliefs and teaching about our Inherent Health and Wholeness existing within us as children of the Life Force of all Being. As we walked this middle way, we were to honor all beliefs and ideas allowing our Faith in the invisible Force of all Life to guide our way, as we looked for the doorways into this whole new way of being.

Well, all I can say it has been an adventure!  And I have been given many new insights into being the way of Love, Wisdom, and Spirit.  One insight gained from this past year is that I need to more fully embrace the Holistic Life Style I have chosen to follow, building my immune system focusing on fulfilling my bodies need of vitamins and proteins, consciously focusing on my energy body as it flows through me, and making sure I am doing what I teach that our each and every thought is a prayer.  

Another insight gained, is that the time is now! We as a world community need to make some basic changes in the way we go about life and what we are consciously and unconsciously teaching our children. Some of you have heard me talking about the curriculum I have developed for 5th graders called Life 101.  I literally have a way we could do away with most of the pain, suffering and violence in the world! And yes, it is way open for building consensus, but how ever do I get that message out there. Some of you have heard me say a time or two, “If I were president, I would do…” One of the things I have learned in 2020, is that I need to take a more active role to bring this idea into manifestation. Do I know what that role is or might look like? No! But I have decided to activate the power of Faith on this idea and allow it to guide me in the ways of the Invisible that might just come forth! Yes 2020 has taught me many things, and I am activating my faith, right now in this moment so I can begin to bring the delights of that learning into expression.

Namaste, Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick