Minister's Letter --An adventure into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities;

An adventure into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities; you know that’s what that Jesus guy said, “The Kingdom of Good is in your grasp turn to it and look for the Good News, Its everywhere!”  Well, sometimes it just don’t feel like it! But until we embrace the wonder of life, we will never know Love’s Presence or our Oneness with It.

Last September, there was an electrical storm here in Oklahoma City; and a lightening bolt hit our telephone line! The Lightening strike melted the copper wire in one of our lines, and knocked out telephone and internet service for a few days.  Yes, this lightening storm was a month earlier than the ice storm that paralyzed the city for almost 2 weeks.  While, the second storm everyone remembers, because trees were downed everywhere, dropping electrical lines, causing the big fire in my backyard! When my neighbor called the city to find out when they would pick up the debris from the storm, he was told maybe 6 months! They estimated there were 500 million pounds of downed trim limbs. We had 6 big trees come down on at the church.

But that first lightening storm was kind of a hit and run storm, and not too many may remember it, but it started me on an adventure into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities. We never know the number of options and choices there are available to us, until we are forced into a position to truly know God’s Love! Yes, God’s Love, The Infinite Oneness placed us in this Field of Infinite Possibilities that is forever expanding, and sometimes we are forced to jump in!

Over a 100 years ago, this guy created a phone, that plugged into a wall and had an extension cord with an ear piece and a talker thing on it. It was such an amazing piece of technology; you could soon talk to people on the other side of the world. When I was a kid, only 50 years ago, everyone was on neighborhood party lines, and you had to wait to make a call on the phone. Then we were freed of that and everyone had their own phones with copper wires in the wall, and some people and businesses like the church building could have two or three phones.  Wow! Yeah, the church building was built in 1959 and still has the same copper wiring.  Now everyone has cell phones and go anywhere and get phone calls from everyone, even when you don’t want em!

Well in September when our copper wiring got melted and knocked one of the lines out at church, we were left with a choice? Do we replace the copper wire and spend a “little bit of money to do it,” or do we look for alternatives? Well, when I searched for alternatives in the Realm of Infinite Possibilities, I discovered they have now invented phone services that can work through the internet! I had no idea this had happened! I knew about other ideas that sprung forth from the Field of Living Energy, like Facebook phones, Zoom Meeting Phones, and Skype; but an actual phone that someone, anyone, could call you that was on your computer and was “wired” through your internet service!

So USLC decided to jump in the Field of Infinite of Possibilities and try it out! Well, I wish I could say easy cheezie, but it really has been a gooey mess. But I think we finally have it straightened out.  So if you tried calling the church at 789-2424 or called the prayer line at 789-1319 and could not get through, you now know the reason why.  Try it now, and I believe you will succeed. Yeah, it has been a learning experience and truly expanded my awareness of the Field of Infinite Possibilities and how often we think we are talking the same language with others, not realizing they live in a different time-space continuum! Yes, sometimes it truly feels like that.  Also be aware, at the same time I was learning how to do classes on Zoom and Services on YouTube and Facebook and even how to do Daily Prayer Video every morning at 10 AM! Yes, I have been on an adventure in the field of Infinite Possibilities,
Namaste I see the Light and Wonder of the Divine In You.
 RevDoc Patrick

Namaste, Awesome One, Rev. Doc. Patrick