Love Is A Comic Power

Love Is A Comic Power
Disciple: John
Location: Beyond the heart
Color: Pink

When you have loved as she has loved, you grow old beautifully.
                    W. Somerset Maugham


Love is the attracting, harmonizing, unifying faculty of Spirit; it is the building forces of the universe.  It is our power to comprehend our oneness with all things. Keep A True Lent

Divine love is the greatest love of all. It is best represented by I Corinthians 13. All of these expressions quantify love. But it is so much more than that. Take all our human expressions of love and combine them, and they do not hold a candle to the depth of the divine. Divine love conquers all.

Recently, I had to take something up to my wife’s work. We brushed lips and her coworkers went wild. They teased her. She remarked that they might ask us how long we’ve been married, because we act more like newlyweds. We have found divine love. It exudes in everything we do. From the kind words we say to each other to encourage one another daily, to the soft touch of a hand. We seek to uplift one another. Even in our most tired condition, we still seek to encourage one another. We do not do this from our own strength, but from the Divine.

Divine love does not seek to serve any one person. It merely exists for its own sake. Like the sun that shines for the joy of shining, divine love shines on all equally. When focused through the prism of the mortal mind, it can be augmented. It can become distorted. Only by seeking the source, can we fully appreciate the essence which is divine love.

Fear Not, Trouble Not, It is Done! Love is not the fear of losing someone. Love is not fear at all. Love is not jealous, nor envious, nor boastful. Love does not seek its own ends. Love merely is. When you get discouraged, remember that the Divine loves you for you. God created you in the image of oneness to reflect the divine. Rest in that. Find comfort in the loving fold of the Divine. Know that you are loved and that God cares about you. You are great and mighty. Go forth and do great things. Go forth with love. As we know love conquers all.

                                                                                                                        By Bryan Carlile


Affirmations For the Faculty of Love
I am a radiant Expression of Love; it It is flowing through me into the World
Love Abides in me, and I am Glowing!
I am a magnet of Love and all the Goodness my heart desires!
I am the way of Love!